Beach Workout #1– More to follow?!

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  • When: 06/27.2020
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: Terminator, T2 (FNG 2.0- awesome work), DB, 50 Cent, Dime, Hat Trick, Left Turn, Bada Bing, Flo, Slash, Airbags, Gizzard, Chad- my 2.0, Snaggle (Impressive after Buffalo Trace and a cigar last night), Wasted

Beach June 27 Q

Message: Winning takes a team.  Winning teams take winning leaders.

Warmup— Run south to get away from crowds (about half mile)

Circle up: SSH, MP, Reacher, Hillbilly

Line up on surf line— sprints up the beach.  At end of each sprint, 10 merkins, 10 Flutters, 10 LBCs

Sprint back to surf line and do the same.

Rinse and repeat 8 times

Team Up (4 teams of 4 captained by the 2.0s)

“Pays to be a winner”

  • Relay race type events— run up the beach, some exercise, run back.  As runner takes off, he names exercise for group to do.

Losing teams- workout at the water’s edge.  Winning team– sugar cookies.

Last relay race– run into the ocean, dive into a wave, run back.

Plank Jumps.

  • Pax planking along the waterline.  Last team member jumps over each planker, back to a plank.  Repeat until all have completed.

Bear Crawl

— Bear crawl to a point, once get there— each team does 10 flutterkicks, 10 swimmers, 10 swimmer kicks.  Repeat up and down the beach.

Modified Guantanamo

Line up along surf line, 6 inches,  knock the feet down..

Finished with ultimate football.  Some really athletic showings by Wasted, Snaggle, and of course- 50 Cent.  Of note– do not leave 50 Cent uncovered in the end zone when it’s “next td wins” time.

Circle of trust.

Thanks to Terminator, T2, and the Lunsford family for hosting an awesome continental breakfast/coffeeteria at Plantation Beach Club!


  • F2 at PVO Wednesday at 5 PM
  • Talk of moving HardNocs Saturday workouts to the beach through October– more to follow.
  • Convergence- 4th of July at Fruit Cove Middle School (Boondocks).

Prayer Requests:

  • McDreamy’s upcoming surgery
  • All those on IR
  • This country as we go through pandemic and social unrest

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