Vacations or Covid?

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  • When: 07/01/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Outhouse

The most epic of beatdowns was missed by many and conquered by a Pax of 2. Backflips, handstands, and bodybags were just a few of the exercises that were not performed.

Instead, the Q anticipated the mood of the Pax;brought a dozen fresh Krispy Kreme’s to the center of the pitch . It only takes about 50 burpees to work off a single delicious glazed donut so the Q had 2.


The Pax circled up, held hands, sang Kumbaya, and meditated for several minutes.

One of the Pax brought his original copy of Thoreau’s Walden and read from it. Timeless and moving indeed.

Another chimed in with a piece from The Baghda Vita that brought a few to tears…making the mood light and happy and ready to begin the beatdown.


San Antonio Shuffle

Super 21’s

COT BOM. prayers for McDreamy and Bobber today as McDreamy undergoes a procedure does his back today!

Always a pleasure to get up and lead a group of men in the heat and humidity.

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