This is my backblast

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  • When: 7/9/2020
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: The Barry Shinkov-Respect, Eileen-respect, Feud, Lifo, Mr. Woodchuck, StickyRice, Jumanji, Screech, Pyro, Hey Big Papi-DR, Xenu-R, Screwdirver, Scott-Fng, Night Desk, Septum, Synapse-DR, Pud, Bernie, Pelican, Heisenberg, Bouche, R, Updraft-R, Gekko-R, Bowzer

So, short sweet and to the point. We did things today. Things with coupons.

Warm A rama:

Side Straddle Hops 10 ish

Reachers- about the same.

LBAC F and B

Wonderbras- a not unreasonable amount.

Mosey around the parking lot to the field for…


We did multiple rounds of the following four exercises starting at 20 reps and working our way down to 1 after each subsequent cycle.

20 Overhead Presses

20 Goblet Squats

20 Hand release merkins

20 Weighted Flutter kicks

Run to the far side and 3 burpees. Run back….keep going.

So YHC will readily admit the instructions could have been clearer. Some PAX never counted down. Some PAX tried to run after each exercise. Hey…They all can’t be winners.

The PAX did the above for mmmm, a long time and then YHC decided at 6:40 ish to change it up.

Sprint and do some burpees. Then we finished up with a nice rendition of CIRCLE BURPEES. Mosey to the flag.


YHC learned that we can speak at around 125-150 words per minute, but we can listen at 400 words per minute. Whats more astounding is that we can think at 900 words per minute. So if you are listening to someone there’s a chance that we are filling in for the other 300 words that aren’t being spoken. We often lose meaning because our minds drift and we may only be getting 11% of what someone is thinking. YHC indicated that being a better listener is more important than ever.

We said some more things, Welcomed the FNG- Scott….Night Desk. Welcome. Come back…bring a friend.


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