Running and Rubber Bands

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  • When: 07/11/20
  • QIC: Left Turn
  • The PAX: Bada Bing, 50 Cent, Dollar Bill, Full Monty, GNC, Terminator, Seinfeld, Shirley

Nine brave men showed up for a nice running workout.

The theme of the day was the law of the rubber band – growth and change happens when you are stretched.


Mosey and the following running drills

A Skip

B Skip

C Skip

Straight Leg Pulls

We also did side straddle hops and merkins so everyone knew this was an actual F3 workout.

4 sets of strides at increasing speeds – Yes Full Monty has more than one speed!

The Thang

One Mile Time Trial

Great efforts by all PAX involved. Shout out to Shirley and Terminator for the 6:42 effort!

Recovery included walking and mosey-ing with intermittent calisthenics.

Concluded the workout with a game of speed ball. The score was a lot to a little but who was counting.


When you feel stretched remember that means you are being useful. Change the word stretched to the word useful. People need you, and that is a good thing. We pray that we be used for God’s purposes. Prayers for Bada Bings back.

Happy Saturday!

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