Welcome to Asgard!

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  • When: 07/11/2020
  • QIC: Big Bird and Feud
  • The PAX: The Barry Shinkoff (r), Gekko (r), Heisenberg, Bernie 4-points, McFly, Mr Woodchuck, McStuffins, Eileen, Hangover (Galo Berrezueza-FNG), Pud, Bowzer (r), 4-Way (Adam Reed-FNG), Snuffaluffagus (rx2), UGA 6 with Stingray(2.0) and Choppers (2.0) (DR from F3 Savannah), Updraft (r), Norwood (Jay Heather-FNG (rx2), Shiner (Stan Moore- FNG), Scraps (Larry Hart- FNG (rx2)), Macho Libre, Scholls, What Up, Pyro, Gravy, Robin Hood (Joshua Stephens- FNG), Seatdown, Hatch, Big Bird, Feud

30 HIM, from around F3 Jacksonville, including 6 FNGs and 1 PAX with his two 2.0’s posting DR from Savannah descended upon Thunderbolt Park in Fleming Island to plant the shovel flag at the first F3 Jacksonville AO in Clay County: welcome to Asgard!


After a brief introduction, mosey from the park entrance out onto the big green (and soggy) field.  

COP – Field – Lead off with exercise demonstration (naming of exercise, starting position, how to count, recover) Feud calls Merkins – Big Bird demonstrates – 5 (4ct)

  • SSH – 20 (IC- in cadence) Feud
  • Imperial Walkers – 15 (IC) BB
  • Little Arm Circles – 20 Forward/20 Back/20 Press (IC) Feud
  • Squats – 10 (IC) BB
  • Merkins – 10 (IC) Feud
  • LBCs – 20 (IC) BB
  • Burpees – 5 (OYO- on your own) Feud

Mosey to sideline (created by cones)

  • Ark-Loader
    • Bear crawl across and back
    • Crab walk over and back
    • Rinse and Repeat

Divide in half. Half with Doc and half with Chaser

  • Parking lot Work: Big Bird’s group first, Feud’s second.
    • Mosey to parking lot — find a line:
      • Ski hops side to side – 30 seconds
      • Big boy sit-ups – 20 OYO
      • Ski hops front and back – 30 seconds
      • Big boy sit-ups – 20 (OYO)
      • 7s (6 jump squats, walking lunge 10 steps, 1 werkins, walking lunge back to starting position. Repeat again with 5 jump squats, 2 werkins, continue until ladder complete)
  • Field Work: Feud’s group first, Big Bird’s second.
    • 5-minute AMRAP Circuit 1:
      • 1st cone 10 merkins
      • 2nd cone 5 burpees
      • 3rd cone 10 merkins
      • 4th cone 5 burpees
      • Run back to start
    • 5-minute AMRAP Circuit 2: Abs
      • 1st cone 10 Big Boy Sit-ups
      • 2nd cone 5 V-up
      • 3rd cone 10 Big Boy Sit-ups
      • 4th cone 5 V-up

Feud and Big Bird Groups flap jack

  • Merge Groups and Mosey to the wall
  • Shovel Flag Presentation – Snuffy
    • “Men, this is a shovel flag. It is a flag on a shovel.  This originated as a desire to have an American flag at every F3 workout.  This flag reminds us that we are free to meet here to improve our fitness, free to associate with others who share our vision, and free to openly express our faith.  We will not risk our lives on this field, but we do honor and respect those who place themselves in harm’s way in defense of our freedom, and we WILL honor this flag.  This is not just another shovel flag- this is YOUR shovel flag!”
    • Honor given to men who served our country through their military service
    • Mosey to original COP to plant the flag

COT (name 6 FNGs)

  • Naked Moleskin:
    • Asgard starting off with the makings of a strong core group of men. 6 FNGs bringing it along with What Up (lockdown Zoom FNG) posting at his first live F3 beatdown, and Hatch making his second appearance after his first post at the Boondocks Independence Day Convergence.  This group is ours. I think you’re starting to see what F3 can do for a man. The fitness and fellowship will change a #sadlcown. The group will be what we make it. I am sure each of you know another man who could benefit from F3. Give F3 away to every man you know. They ALL need it.
    • Special thank you to the HIM from Anchor, Boondocks, Hard Nocs/Poseidon for coming out to support this expansion into Clay County.


The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve, small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. The issues we have today is a result of poor leadership at all levels of government and on both sides of government. We have an opportunity to make change by our vote.  When you vote, YHC endorses reviewing the issues important to you and not the R or the D next to a candidate’s name.  The other thing we can do is be the leader we are made to be to our family, and especially our kids.  Talk to your kids about race relations.  Encourage them to see a person for their character and merits, and to recognize and ask questions about their background.  Learning about our differences will help us grow as community instead of being divided by them.  You also set an example to those within your sphere of influence, and potentially have them follow.

  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Pledge

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