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  • When: 07/13/2020
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: FarrahnFarrah, Pyro, Mr Woodchuck, Matlock

Special shout out to Mr Woodchuck for making this so much “better” A TRIPLE D this am!!!!!!! Sounded good at first. We ran from my clubhouse to Genesis, did the beatdown and ran back. 6 miles total.  Nice.

5 Pax joined the Gloomidity on this fine start of the week to get better.  Some new mugs were in attendance as Pyro’s Summer tour was in play.

Warm-o-rama All IC x15

Seal Claps or Jacks as corrected .


Cherry Pickers


Raise the Roof

Forwards and Backwards

45 degrees


Mosey to the front pavilion

The Thang

Broad jump burpee from one cone to the other.

Run a lap

Rinse and repeat x3

And then……Cinnamon Buns “as conveyed to me we focus on ours so we can eat theirs”

Waterfall fashion Flutter Kicks IC followed by LBC’s OYO

We rotated the cadence and Farrah decided to take over the Q and add exercises.

We sat up after completing 20 and did 5 butt walks forward and back. (NEW)

Then proceeded to go all the way down to 5 and of course what goes down must come up….or something like that. Went back up to 25 and added side to side butt walks to break up the AB torture.  Good times.

To make the buns even better, someone left a partially full bottle of syrup right there on the table.  No one poured it on their buns. S0 disappointed.

We then moseyed back to the back pavilion for some rapid trash clean up and a 6-pack, up and down as someone gifted us a whole case of Bud/Bud Light.


”if you want to be successful, you must accept the challenges that come your way, not just the ones you like. -Mike Gafka

I asked what challenges were facing the PAX and we all responded.


Speaking of gifts…..Genesis is quickly becoming a treasure trove of gifts every time we post.  We have made it our mission to leave the park better than we found it and it rewards us all the time.  Hats, balls, chairs, shoes, jean jackets, v-necks, and of course my favorite, a laptop(which my daughter still uses, thanks to Boucher)  Maybe you should stop by? Not because you like something different or because we are fun, but you might go home with a prize, just not Cinnamon Buns. #sorrynotsorry




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