Freed to Lead

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  • When: 07/23/2020
  • QIC: Wasted
  • The PAX: GNC, Check Please, AirBags, Left Turn, Saigon Sam, Chalupa, Bloomer, Seinfield

Wasted welcomed 8 other HIM’s to F3, a free, volunteer peer-led workout, as a non-professional and having no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations, so it was each individuals responsibility to please excercise safe and modify as necessary.

Message today is… we are all “Freed to Lead” just like the F3 book indicates. I am just starting that book and it has hit a chord with me since I was in quarantine all last week waiting for test results.  We have had others in quarantine, but now all out and Freed to Lead and grateful for it.  Challenged Pax to get others to Lead and offered to pass book on to others, will sign inside cover and make it a F3 community book for all newcomers to read.

(15 of each)
1. Side-straddle hops
2.  Michael Phelps
3.  The Merkin
4.  The Hillbilly
5.  LBCs
6.  OYO 5 Burpees
7.  steps as a Pax

The Thang:
Broke EVEN # of 4 groups, perform excercises at 4 stations, when all 4 excercises are completed, Pax as group ran steps and rotates to next station.  did that until all 4 stations were completed.  Completed reps outlined or AMRAP until all complete cycle of all 4, when all done, all run steps, then rotate to next cone.

cone 1) CHEST/ARMS  50 each is goal
a. merkins
b. merkin jacks
c. curb dips
d. catalina wine mixers (25)

cone 2)  LEGS 50 each leg is goal
a. squats
b. iron mikes
c. lunges
d. toe raises

cone 3)  ABS 50 each is goal
a. flutter kicks
b. dollys
c. lbc’s
d. big boy sit ups

cone 4)CARDIO 50 each is goal
a. jump rope
b. side straddle hop
c. Burpees (25)
d. Frog Jumps back and forth (25)

Announcements – F2 pause, HN Beach workout Saturday 7am at Mickler’s
Prayer requests – Chalupas friend in hospital with covid and all aprent having to make school decisions for the children

Christian Prayer:  Hail Mary

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