In God We Trust

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  • When: 07/30/2020
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Chalupa (respect), GNC, Left Turn, Outhouse, Sofa, Twig, Bloomer, Saigon Sam (respect) Dollar Bill, Fiddy Cent, Wasted

YHC enjoys looking up the various events that transpired in history on the days he serves as Q, and today was an interesting one. On this date in 1956, President Dwight Eisenhower signed a measure making “In God We Trust” the national motto, replacing “E Pluribus Unum” (meaning, “out of many, one,” which of course is not to be confused with “Pluribus Burpipus Suckus” roughly, “many burpees suck”).

The change came in the midst of the Cold War with the then-Soviet Union, serving to sharpen the line between God-fearing Americans and the Marxists who embraced the view that religion was a source of phony happiness that people turned to in order to counter the harsh realities of their lives, a view born out of Marx’s famous line that religion is “the opium of the people.” YHC asked the Pax to mull over some questions: Do you trust God? To what extent? How can you deepen your trust in God?

After hesitating the start of the workout a few minutes to allow for the appearances of the Double Downers (salute to Dolla Bill, Fiddy Cent, Wasted and the ageless Outhouse), we got to it. The original plan was to rotate among stations, but out of Covid-19 concerns, we stayed in our own places and ripped through the various exercises, many done with bricks, with 32 seconds of work and 8 seconds of rest for each one.

• Brickins
• Tricep kickbacks left arm
• Tricep kickbacks right arm
• Overhead tricep extension
• Mountain Climbers
• Bicep curls – midrange pulses
• Bicep curls
• Cross-body curls
• Monkey Humpers
• LBCs
• Burpees
• Plank rows
• High plank
• Flutter kicks
• Saigon Sams — Side plank, left arm down, right leg raise
• Saigon Sams — Side plank, right arm down, left leg raise
• Side raises with bricks (shoulders)
• Low plank / hover
• Brickins
• Heels to heaven
• Groiners
• Goblet squats
• Squat press
• Hello Dolly
• Front raises
• Scaption
• Calf raises
• Pullover
• Standing fly
• Alternating shoulder presses, chin high

The Saigon Sams proved to be so popular with the Pax that YHC rinsed and repeated them 2x; the look of gratitude on Wasted’s face will warm YHC’s heart throughout the weak. Outhouse seemed particularly pleased — delighted, one could say — that we repeated Brickins as well. On some other exercises, the Pax had some nice modifications, and there was quality mumblechatter, including OH’s demonstration of the Sofakin (cover your ears, 2.0s!). And speaking of, it’s great to see the 2.0s get out there and push themselves. Good job, all!

• Ruck / Run coming up, Saigon Sam noted that we have a Jax team going, check it out on the CSAUP channel.
• Saturday’s HN workout will NOT be at the beach but at the regular Nocatee AO, given the high tide.
• Broga now on Wed at HN at 6:30am with the one and only Seinfeld.
• Prayers for Saigon Sam’s wife, other needs unspoken.

Always a pleasure and an honor to serve such a fun, great group of guys. Given that it is baseball season, YHC will close by noting that YHC is deep, YHC is waaaaay back, and YHC is… gone! Have a great rest of the week!

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