Climbing Jacob’s Ladder(s)

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  • When: 08/06/2020
  • QIC: Scholls
  • The PAX: Full Monty, Sofa, Gizzard, Green Eggs, McFly, Jumanji, Wasted, GI Joe, Airbags

I took a Goodlands Q a month or so ago, and kinda made a big deal about how it was stretching me as a leader, getting me out of my comfort zone to Q in a foreign land, etc.  But actually, upon reflection, it felt like home because it felt like F3 – a bunch of good guys getting after it and wanting to be better men.  So I grabbed Badlands for today because I wanted to try out a Q idea I’d had and because I enjoy seeing those brothers!

After a quick and insufficient disclaimer, we headed off on a warmup mosey toward the turf field.  At the first parking lot, we karaoked left and right, and at the second parking lot, we did (what the Boondockers affectionately call) the Updraft Shuffle – side shuffle down the parking space line, broad jump to the next line, side shuffle back down.  Just one set, then on to the turf.

The Thang – 3 Jacob’s Ladders, 2 Five Minutes of Mary

Jacob’s Ladder #1 – Burpees

Starting on the goal line, run to the 50, 1 Burpee; Back to goal line, 2 Burpees; etc. until 10 Burpees

5 Minutes of Mary, consecutive core exercises including Windshield Wipers, Freddy Mercurys, Pickle Pounders, LBCs, V-Ups, Side Hip Raises L&R, Heel Touches, and more.

Jacob’s Ladder #2 – Jump Squats by 2s

Starting on the goal line, run to the 50, 2 Jump Squats, Back to goal line, 4 Jump Squats; etc. until 20 Jump Squats.

5 Minutes of Mary, consecutive core exercises including Pretzel crunches L&R, Mahktar N’dyes, Gas Pumps (reverse crunches), Hello Dollys, and more.

Jacob’s Ladder #3 – Merkins by 3s

Starting on the goal line, run to the 50, 3 Merkins, Back to the Goal line, 6 Merkins; etc. until 30 Merkins.

Sofa finished it, crushed it, was begging for more, but most of us were still a set or two shy when it was time to mosey the .4mi back to the flag.


I may say it a little better here, now that my heart rate is back to a normal level and I can remember my name…

We all climb ladders all the time – social, vocational, ladders of other people’s expectations.  That can be more exhausting than the Jacob’s Ladders we did in the beatdown because (and YHC mixed his metaphors here) every finish line just brings another starting line with more pressure and greater expectations.  We should do our best at all the ladders, but those things don’t define who we are.  What defines us is what God says about us, and He says we are his.  Rather than making us climb the ladder to Him, He came down to us. There’s no finish line beyond the “It is finished” line – Jesus has done it all for us by his death and resurrection.

Finished up with the Lord’s Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, before several of us took off to Hard Nocs for Round 2 with Left Turn.  It was an honor and a pleasure!

I feel like I’m missing a couple pax on the list – DM me on Slack if you were there, and I’ll edit for credit!

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