Fight the Good Fight

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  • When: 08/15/2020
  • QIC: Gizzard and Gravy
  • The PAX: Saigon Sam (R), Terminator, Full Monty (R), Wasted, G.I. Joe, Dollar Bill, Sofa, Shirley (R), Twig, Bloomer, GNC, TAPS (FNG Welcome)

It was a beautiful day at Hard Nocs, filled with humidity and mumblechatter. 14 PAX in total, including an FNG showed up to get better. The theme of the day: Life happens to us all, we must be prepared to fight the good fight. One way to do that, is to stay healthy. In that vein, a legally beautiful disclaimer was given and we were off.

Warm-Up (Gravy)
SSH X 15 (IC)
Michael Phelps x 10 (IC)
Arm Circles forward and backward x 10 (IC)
10 Merkins OYO
Reacher x 10 (IC)
Toy Soldier x 10 (IC)
Hillbilly x 10 (IC)
10 Prisoner Squat OYO
Mosey to the field with the stage

The Thang
– Dora (Gravy)
– Parter 1, run to the stage and back. Partner 2, exercise.
– Each team did 100 Big Boy Sit Ups, 200 Monkey Hummers, 300 Flutter Kicks (counting 1 leg).
– Lt Dan in the parking lot (Gravy)
– 4 lunges: 1 Squat.
– out to 20 lunges, 5 squats, then back to starting line
– Gravy handed it over to Gizzard
– Mosey to i9 fields, stopping along the way for 20 LBCs, 10 Prisoner Squats, and 5 Burpees (Gizzard)
– 4 Cone Relay Race (Gizzard)
– Cone 1: 10 Burpees, Inchworm to cone 2
– Cone 2: 10 Merkins, Crab walk to cone 3
– Cone 3: 10 Dry Docks, Bear Crawl to cone 4
– Cone 4: 10 No Surrender, Sprint back to cone 1.
*Team old guys won, though there is some questions as to how much they did or didn’t cheat. I am giving the title to Team Used to be Fat.

– 10 minutes of Ultimate football(Gizzard)
– Terminator runs crisp routes ala Jerry Rice
– Full Monty apparently doesn’t realize that losing team walks.
– Saigon Sam fell to the ground approximately 150 times.

– Mosey back to flag with a stop for the Gizzard staple- BTTW (winning relay team wall sits).

We only have a set number of days on this earth. What are we going to do with them? Each day is a fight. Engage the battle, get better every day, and do things that matter.

– Announcements: Travis Manion/Hat Trick CSAUP on 9/12. Look for details on slack.

– Welcomed FNG TAPS

– Prayer and Pledge

Always an honor to lead. Appreciate each and every one of you.

Gizz and Gravy out!

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