Simply Spartan Saturday

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  • When: 08/15/2020
  • QIC: Tone Deaf
  • The PAX: Half Moon OG, EPT, Bobber,Statue of Liberty(R), Inside Out(R), High Pitch(R), Bullwinkle (R) I.R.S.(FNG RR), Papa Smurf(RR)

Even though Bobber was not late, the Pax enjoyed a 10 burpee warm up to start the day.

What is the opposite of fear? Faith, plain and simple. The QIC wanted the Pax to think about that as they worked through the simple workout.


10 Burpees OYO

Don Q•11/The Reacher•11/Moroccan Night Club•11/LBAC•11/MP•10


Simple and straightforward Spartan workout…

30 100 yard sprints followed by 10 merkins after each sprint…walk back to the starting line.

When youth wanted to prevail it did. EPT was challenged on many fronts and handled almost all of them. Two respecters, Bullwinkle and High Pitch , are very fast for their age…both pushing EPT to the brink.

The Spartan always starts out as something that is easy then gets your attention about the halfway point…the Pax did a great job of finishing strong.


Prayers for families with loved ones in the hospital and others who have recently passed away…and these days we all need MORE FAITH and less fear.

Tone Deaf

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