A morning at GEKKO’S parking garage

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  • When: 08/27/20
  • QIC: Bert
  • The PAX: Hey Big Papi, Zamboni, Superfly, Shameless, Snuffleupagus, Shock Treatment, Heisenberg, Xenu, Bowzer, Short Horn, Lego, Synapse, Pud, Matlock, Gekko, Mr. Woodchuck, Eileen & Hey Boss

Warm-up – a jog from BOHICA to GEKKO’S parking garage to include OYO SSH, Squats and lunges to ensure we had the six in view


run from 3rd level up ramp to 4th level

crab crawl for 15 yards

10 merkins

Bear crawl 15 yards

20 Freddy Mercury’s

down 4 flight of stairs

up 3 flight of stairs

15 Superman punches

repeat for 28 minutes

jogged back to BOHICA with OYO squats and LBCs With the six in view

Payer Request: Snuffleupagus daughter getting ready for the birth of their baby and the people impacted by Hurricane Laura.

a big welcome back to GEKKO coming off the IR 

thank you to the entire PAX for the support on my VQ!


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