F3 Carnival Of Horrors

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  • When: 08/29/20
  • QIC: Xenu
  • The PAX: Seatdown, PUD, Toxic, Synapse, Boucher, Bernie4Points, Hog Country, Hey Boss, Lifo


SSH, Reachers, Little Baby Arm Circles Forward and Backward, all in cadence.

Then Michael Phelps OYO while YHC explained that, when he was a kid forever ago, he loved the carnivals that randomly appeared in mall parking lots.  Dangerous rides, fried food and the slight chance you or someone else might die.  Yep, that is how young boys think.  But the big thing was the house of horrors and freak show.  Headless woman, Lobster Boy, Torture Dungeon etc…

Today the PAX were told there were four places to visit (with no added details) in the F3 Carnival of Horrors:

  • The Ring of Pain
  • The Death March
  • Blazing Legs of Fire
  • Exploration Hell

Seatdown chose first and poorly.  He selected The Death March.

2 Blockbees  followed by 3 lunges with block, rinse and repeat across the field to the halfway point.  Then carry your block over your head to the other side.  Turn around and do it all again till Q says stop. (roughly 12 minutes).

Bernie chose next and also poorly.  He chose the The Ring of Pain.

PAX split into 2 equal groups with each group going to one of the light post framing the fountain.  You do 3 Burpees and then bear crawl to next light post.  Then mosey to next post.  Then all out sprint tho the third post.  Rinse and repeat, around and around,  until  Q says stop.  (roughly 12 minutes). 

Hog Country chose next and again poorly.  He selected Exploration Hell

Partner up for a Dora.  100 Whiny Babies with block (curl and press), 200 Squats with block, 300 flutter kicks with block over head.  Runners go 25 yards out and then back changing their  method of travel on the return.   For example if you run out, maybe you karaoke back.  Have fun, be creative.  (15 minutes.  Each team finished)

The last room was selected by Hey Boss.  Easy since there was one left. The Blazing Legs of Fire.

Go to the fountain with your block.  25 Calf Raises with block. 25 squats with block, 25 Step Ups with a choice of block or not.  (I know Pud chose ‘with block’.  Hog Country and Bernie might have as well.)  Rinse and repeat 4 times (100 each) OR until time expires.  The latter won out.  

Travel back to flag with block overhead.


I shared the message of ‘the 16th Second’.  It was delivered by Kyle Martin in his valedictorian speech that went viral.  I probably did not do it justice in my delivery, and will not do it justice in writing.  Here is the link.  Please watch.  Very powerful.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7S2PftWZ1M.

No prayer request or announcements.

Thanks to God everyday for giving us a reset button.  The chance to undo wrongs and be better.  Better Men, Husbands, Fathers and Friends.  For giving us the strength to lift up those that suffer and help them move forward.

Peace to you and your families.









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