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  • When: 09/05/2020
  • QIC: Extinguisher
  • The PAX: Scholls, Butcher, Twister, Updraft, Farah n Farah,Jumanji, B4Bert, Aquaman, Tazz, Patch, Ollie, Bag Boy, Amphibian, Wrap Check,Green Eggs, Doink,Macho Libre, Extinguisher (FNG's ,Mama's Boy, Gilligan, Cheese!, Baywatch, Cradle)

This YHC has been posting at Boondocks for 1 year plus. We have many Berms at our AO and yes we have experienced them all at one time or another but not in one single beatdown. So why not introduce the pax to the Berm-a-polooza. 23 Pax (included surprise post from “townie” Jumanji) braved the muggy gloom(most I experienced at our AO) which included  5 FNG’s! Of course it wouldn’t be one my signatures if I didn’t involve coupons. So here we go…


20 Burpees OYO (late arrivals)

15 Reachers IC


The Thang

Grab Coupons and Mosey to Berm #1

Lunge w/ coupon across Berm (switching to side lunges at different landmarks)

Lined up Pax at base of Berm #1 for 11’s:

Man Maker Merkins run to top of Berm Sumo Squat (10:1, 9:2 etc..)

Mosey  110 yards (approximately) to Berm #2


Berm #2 (planned for 11’s  called audible for time constraints had 2 more Berms left)

Curl and Press

Side Lunge up berm


Mosey to flag to drop off Coupons and off to Berm #3


Berm #3 (7’s)

Prisoner Get-ups

1 leg hop up berm


Mosey to Berm #4


Berm #4 (5’s)

Apollo Ono Burpee (side jump w/ Burpee

Backward Run up Berm

Reverse Inchworm w/ jump

Mosey back to flag for COT





IPC Week 2

Q source starting at Boondocks soon

Convergence at Micklers for labor day

Graduation of Boondocks Pax Sphinx for basic training Air Force

Prayers for Tazz and upcoming interview with MAPS (possible ROTC scholarship)

Prayers for Fifty Cent upcoming COVID test

Prayers for Heisenberg’s M

Lords Prayer







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