BackBlast for BOHICA, Zamboni VQ, 9-10-20

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  • When: 09/10/20
  • QIC: Zamboni
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Lego, Hey Big Papi, Xenu, Synapse, Shameless, Shock Treatment, Short Horn, Bowzer, Bing, Toxic, Seat Down, and 6 others.

Thanks to the profound mentoring by Hey Big Papi, this was a solid beat-down for my VQ.

Opened with carrying our coupons to the Raquetball Court. Opening exercises in cadence: Side-Straddle Hops, Reacher, Don Quixote, Superman Punches, Hillbilly. Then the group counted of by 3’s. Each of the 3 groups moved to a station.

We moved by groups, staying together, through a 3-station circuit.

Station 1: Raquetball Court. 10 overhead press with Cindy, 10 Curl with Cindy, 20 “Toe-Jam” against wall (similar to Rocky Balboa on Steps), 20 Freddy Mercury. Wall sit for the 6. Mosey to Picnic Station.

Station 2: Picnic. 30 Squats, 20 Dips using benches, 20 Zamb0ni, 20 Step-ups or box-jumps using benches. Plank for the 6. Mosy long way around the Anthill to the Basketball Court.

Station 3: Basketball Court. Bear-Crawl end line to end line, and Lunge back to start. 20 wide merkins. 20 box cutters. 10 triangle merkins. Running-Suicides on Basketball Court for the 6. Mosy to Raquetball Court.

After two complete cycles around the circuit, everyone moseyed to the Raquetball court, grabbed their Cindys, and returned to parking lot. In parking lot waiting for the 6 Hey Big Papi called for flutter kicks. Once the 6 was in…

Date is 9-10, the Day before 9-11, so we did 10 Burpees in-cadence. Much groaning at my slower speed. Then we did 3 more burpees for the Train, which had passed earlier, again in cadence.


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