Pain by the 25’s

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  • When: 09/15/20
  • QIC: Fifty Cent

14 PAX braved the gloom to post at Thunderdome this morning.

The warmup:

Started with a combination of Seal Jacks, Plank Jacks and Smurf Jacks in Cadence with Don Quixote and Broken Robot to get us warmed up


Then to the Turf Field!

Pain By the 25’s round 1- 25 reps on the goal line and each increment of 25 on the field while returning to the goal line between each exercise- 25 LBC’s on goal line (and repeat on goal line between each exercise), 25 Merkins on 25, 25Bonnie Blairs on 50, 25 Shoulder Taps on opposite 25, 25 Burpees on opposite goal. Climb the ladder and back ending with LBC’s (total of 250 LBC’s)


Pain by the 25’s round 2- 25 reps on the goal line and each increment of 25 up the ladder and back, bear crawl between stations on the way down and lunge walk on the way back. 25 Mountain climbers on goal line, 25 Leg Lifts on 25, 25 Bobby Hurleys on 50, 25 Jump Squats on opposite 25 and 25 Hello Dolly’s on goal line. End back on the Mountain Climbers.


Ended in COT where we shared from the 23rd Psalm- WHEN The Lord is our shepherd, we will not want. God’s character is good, but when we let our fear and anxiety tell us that He is not good, we get ourselves into trouble. Sheep are not smart nor are they very good at all at taking care of themselves.

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