Belated Birthday Bash

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  • When: 09/19/2020
  • QIC: Scholls
  • The PAX: Patch, Mr. Woodchuck, Jumanji, Butcher, Aquaman, Rain Man, Extinguisher, Doink, Culpepper, Macho Libre, Viper, Loudmouth, Wrap-Check, Pope, Green Eggs, Frodo, Bag Boy, Wilson, Goliath, Bolt, Toro, Baywatch, Brownie, Tazz, Itch, B for Bert, Twister, Cheeeeze

I turned 46 on 9/10 – the Thursday that we CRUSHED IPC Week 2 at Boondocks.  I wanted to take a Q close to my birthday, because thanks to F3 I can do a helluva lot more at 46 than I could at 26.  But the Saturday Q after that was appropriately led by Twister with a 9/11 tribute.  So I grabbed 9/19.  Unfortunately on 9/10 I was playing a little basketball with my 2.0 – went up for a block, landed funny and messed up my right heel (and I missed the block – but at least he missed the shot!).  I normally like to include a good bit of running in my Q’s, but this was going to be necessarily upper body intensive.  That proved to be tough – but for the guys who had just completed 300 merkins the day before for IPC3, it was brutal…

29 Pax showed for a soggy, drizzly beatdown, including 6 FNGs, 5 of whom were from Creekside HS.  That group is exploding – a great group of young HIMs locking shields to make sure they become good men. We’re going to need to get them their own AO very soon…

All tracks from the playlist were produced in 1974, just like I was.  Pax were delighted by the opportunity to do endless merkins to hits like Sweet Home Alabama, I Know It’s only Rock and Roll (But I Like It), Jungle Boogie, Killer Queen, Rebel Rebel, and Same Ol’ Song and Dance.

Warm – o – rama

Imperial Walkers; Super Shoulders including LBACF, LBACB, Moroccan Night Club, GBACF, Michael Phelps; Negative Squats. 10 Burpees for a Pax unfashionably late. (I think I missed about 20 more burpees that should have been assessed)

The Thang – Moseyed from the flag to the center of the turf field

EMOM #1: 9 Merkin Planjacks, 10 Squats x5

Bring Sally Up Merkin Challenge – Merkin Position, Up every time “Bring Sally Up”, Down every time “Bring Sally Down” but you have to hold the super low plank at the bottom of the merkin until it’s time to bring Sally up again.  If your knees touch, you do 10 squats and get back in there.  There were a lot of squats…

46 yd Bear Crawl, 46 Merkins, 46 yd Bear Crawl

46 yd Lunges, 46 Alternating Shoulder Taps (Count 1 side), 46 yd Lunges


EMOM 2 – 9 Clapping Merkins, 10 Squats x5

6 Minutes of Mary, LBCs, Freddie Mercuries, V-Ups, Hello Dollys, Hip Raise Right & Left, Pretzel Crunches Right and Left, 6 inches

46 yd Bear Crawl, 46 Big Boi Sit Ups, 46 yd Bear Crawl

46 yd Lunges, 46 Werkins, 46 yd Bear Crawl


EMOM 3 – 9 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Bobby Hurleys; I cut it short at this point to 2 rounds, but on the 2nd Round we did 20 Dry Docks and 20 Bobby Hurleys.

Mosey Back to the Flag

6 FNGs – Welcome to Wilson, Toro, Goliath, Frodo, Brownie, and Viper, who is Macho Libre’s 10yo 2.0.  He ROCKED it!

COT – We want to be great men, but we often only work on exterior things like how to be great at our job.  But many great military leaders, pastors, bankers and plumbers have been great at their job but didn’t turn out to be great men.  When we only work on the outside, but fail to work on the interior, we just become shells, easily crushed.  We must work on the interior in order to be great men.  Soul work is what counts.

Prayers for Tazz’s back and McFly’s family.


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