The Bowser & Xenu Hour of Power

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  • When: 09/19/2020
  • QIC: Bowser, Xenu
  • The PAX: Synapse, Pyro, Heisenberg, LIFO, Bernie4Points, Shock Treatment, Mustafa

Stepbrothers Bowser & Xenu brought their traveling roadshow to Anchor today where 8 Pax (and a surprise FNG) enjoyed a rainy morning of nonsense and shenanigans.

YHC led the COP where there only thing that mattered was celebrating his birthday with 54 SSH.  This almost resulted in a 10 count in the COP.  After a couple arms exercises, YHC explained the first THING and we moseyed to our cindys.

XENU THING 1 –  Block Webs

1:4 of Block Urkins and Block Overhead Presses.  We went to 5:20 and came to the collective decision that this is just a horrible idea. That said, it  will of course return to a Xenu Q in the future.  6:24 being the goal because ….. why not?

XENU THING 2 – Block Lunge with Blockpees (sp?)

Simple in concept.  Lunge with a block to the next light pole, do 9 blockpees.   6 legs with the goal of 54 blockpees.  Execution was a different story.  Doing blockpees after block webs is a killer.  After leg 1, YHC adjusted the number down to 6.  Mercifully the time ran out half way through our  journey. 

BOWSER THING 3 – Tire Flip Traveling Dora

HIM 1 funs to 2nd light post and begins exercising.  HIM 2 flips/throws tire to where HIM 1 is and they switch roles.  Rinse and repeat until 100 merkins, 200 squats and 300 flutters are completed.  Great CSAUP routine.  Just the right amount of suck.  This is also where the rain started getting heavy. 

XENU THING 4 – Block Dora    

New Partner up.  100 Whiny Babies (block curl and press), 200 block squats, 300 block flutters and 54 kettleblock swings.  Partner running goes 25 yards and must return in a different fashion. (i.e. 25 yard run out, 25 yard karaoke in).  Due to time, YHC eliminated flutters midway so we could complete the kettleblock swings which are far more fun.  


Bowser called out random PAX to pick exercise we haven’t done in a while and/or  they think we should do.  He assigned a quantity, and we got to work.  This included burpees, pickle pounders, proud pickles, etc.  Then we ran to the fountain to finish up with calf raises, step-ups, dips, clock merkins, and the new favorite, quick feet football drill.  

Somewhere in the middle of this last THING.  A young skate boarder asked if he could join in.  We said sure.   Synapse took him under his wing.   At one point, he pointed out a ground sign that we had circled around said LIFE.  YHC had never noticed that by the fountain.  In his words, we had formed a ‘circle of life’.


FNG became Mustafa (see above).  Bowser talked about the importance of PAX stepping up to Q and pointed out that Co-Qs are a great way to get involved.  He then led us in prayer to close out.

As we rolled out, we found out Mustafa is homeless.  Heartbreaking.  Synapse being the HIM he is, drove him up to Burger King to get him dry and talk.  The PAX ask that you say a prayer for this kid tonight.  


Hug your love ones EVERY CHANCE YOU GET.



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