Don’t worry Be “Petty.”

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  • When: 09/29/2020
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Hat Trick, Sofa, 3 Peat, Airbags, Outhouse

5 pax joined YHC on a humid Tuesday run day. Music by Tom Petty in memory of the upcoming 3rd anniversary of his death 10/2/17. Tom Petty was a Florida original from Gainesville, who passed away 1 week after completing the longest tour in his band’s 40 year history.He has too many great songs to choose from, so I made a playlist of his best 50.  A quote from one if his lesser known songs was offered as the message “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.”


SSH X10 IC, Michael Phelps X10 IC, The Reacher X10 IC, Downward Dog calf stretch OYO

The thang: Indian Run 11’s. .25 miles apart

Begin with 1 Merkin, Indian Run .25 miles, 10 BigBoy Situps and so on…

3.5 mile completed

Cooldown: OYO Michael Phelps, Toy Soldiers, Downward Dog calf stretch

COT: F2 on 9/20 at RGBS Nocatee for Bloomers Birthday,

Prayers offered for HT Aunt Arlene struggling with Dementia, prayers of those on IR, those not coming out, and people continuing to struggle with Covid and for healing social unrest in the community,

“Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems” Epictetus (50 AD-135 AD)

“Most things I worry about never happen anyway.” Tom Petty (10/20/1950 -10/2/2017)




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