Those 3 little words we love to hear ….. Bring A Block

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  • When: 09/29/2020
  • QIC: Xenu
  • The PAX: Boucher, Jumanji, Big Papi, Pud, Bernie4Points, Zamboni, Pick 6, Super Fly, Screwdriver, Bowzer, Shameless, Shock Treatment, Pyro, Charmin, Lego, Mr. Woodchuck

17 Pax showed up with their blocks for fun and games in the gloom of aptly named Anthill.  (Get some lotion on those bites Boucher.)

YHC had the Pax line their blocks up between the light post and then headed to the COP.  Made it simple.  30 SSH followed by a bunch of shoulder stretches while THING 1 was explained.  Once done, head to the blocks for an all block workout.  


  • Cross the field doing 2 BLOCKBEES then 3 LUNGES. Rinse/repeat until you get to other side. 
  • Carry your block over your head, around the field, to get back to starting line. 
  • Cross field again doing 2 CRYING BABIES (deadlift, curl, overhead) then 3 LUNGES.  Rinse/repeat until you get to other side. 
  • Once done, WAGON WHEEL to the six. 
  • 10 BURPEES for the train.

THING 2 – B.L.O.C.K.S.  

  • 10 BLOCKBESS.    Run (no block) 100 yards. 
  • 20 LBCs or LOUGANIS with block.   Run (no block) 100 yards. 
  • 30 OVERHEAD PRESSES.    Run (no block) 100 yards. 
  • 40 CURLS.  Run (no block) 100 yards. 
  • 50 KETTLEBLOCK SWINGS.   Run (no block) 100 yards. 
  • 60 SQUATS.  Run around library and back.  Roughly 600 meters(?).  I need to measure that route.
  • Once done, WAGON WHEEL to the six. 
  • 10 BURPEES for a late arrival.  


  • 1:3 BLOCK URKIN: BLOCK OVERHEAD PRESSES, in cadence, up to 5:15.  

Return for COT.

YHC, who generally avoids social media, did go to his stagnant Facebook account last week to respond to the nice people who wished him a happy birthday.   The distressing part was looking at other comments in my feed. Rational people/friends making divisive comments that they would never make in a face to face or group setting.   This isn’t about right or left.  This is about checking yourself and your online behavior.  Regardless of any “I was taken out of context” or “I was just kidding” defense,  we all need to stop and think before we type.  It’s okay to have different opinions.  It’s okay to share them and stand behind them.  And by all means, take time to listen to opposing thoughts.  But be rational.  Be men of character.  And teach  your children the same.  This country needs more dialogue and less flame throwing.  

Prayers for SOC.  Lift up him and his family.

Prayers for Zamboni.  Keep his family healthy and bless the upcoming union.

Prayers for Pyro on his trip to the doctor this week.  May his pain be cured.  As a reminder. if you have pain, seek out those that can help.  “Shaking it off” or “Rub some dirt on it’ has always been bad advice.


Hug a loved one today.




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