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  • When: 10/07/20
  • QIC: Gravy
  • The PAX: Full Monty (R), Slash (R), Hat Trick, Valdez, Dollar Bill, Bloomer, Prunetang, Terminator, Airbags (DR)

After more than a month away from F3, and after a solid beatdown from Dollar Bill on Monday, YHC experienced the jitters of a first Q. Theme of the day was accountability. While YHC was away, he got regular texts from Slash, Dollar Bill, Airbags, Bloomer, Doink, Gizzard, Outhouse, Deuce, Left Turn, and I am sure there are others. New job busyness and stress made it so I only worked out twice in September, and I did not eat well. I always had F3 in the back of my mind as the accountability was evident. My plan was to start Monday running at home, get a little bit back in shape, then come to F3 in two weeks. Instead, I texted Gizzard and Dollar Bill that I needed deeper accountability and they got me out this Monday, and even to Q today. F3 works. Accountability is hard. We need each other. Are there areas of your life where you are not accountable? Bring those dark areas to the light.

After a disclaimer- we were off!


1. Limp Member (OYO)
2. SSH x 15 (IC)
3. Reacher x 10 (IC)
4. Toy Soldier x 10 (IC)
5. Michael Phelps x 10 (OYO)
6. Arm Circles forward, backward, and air presses x 10 (IC).

The Thang

1. Indian Run to the turf field.
2. Partner up for Dora- Partner 1- Run to the 50, Partner 2-Reps. As a team- 100 HR Merkins, 200 IPC Squats, 300 LBCs.
3. Sideline to sideline 11s- 10 BBSU/1 Merkin, 9 BBSU/2 Merkin, etc.
4. Indian Run most to the way back to the flag.

2.2 miles total, some good reps, and great fellowship!

2f- Boys and Girls club 5k, Sullivans 5k, and Hildervat 5k, see slack.

Prayer requests heard and offered.

Thanks for letting me lead. Love you guys!

Gravy out!

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