Jacob’s Ladder…

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  • When: 10/08/2020
  • QIC: Sofa
  • The PAX: Deuce, Threepeat (r), Wasted, Prunetang, Dollar Bill, Check please, Hat trick, Yardsale (r)

9 Pax joined YHC on this humid morning for a nice full body beatdown mostly on the turf fields.  Thanks to Scholls for the Q design from a few months ago.  It was tough then and still tough now!

Warm Up:

SSH / Reacher / Hillbilly / Michael Phelps / Limp Member / Downward Dog into heel stretches

The Thang:

Mosey to the turf field (mix in karaokes, butt kickers, & backwards run)

Jacob’s ladder: Start at the goal line, run to 50 do 1 burpee, back to goal line 2 burpees, until 10 burpees.

5 minutes of Mary

Flutter kicks (25 IC), Box cutters (20 OYO), Hold a plank for 60 seconds, LBCs (25 IC), Freddy Mercuries (25 IC), Heel Touches (25 each side OYO)

Jacob’s ladder: Start at the goal line, run to 50 do 2 prisoner squats, back to goal line 4 prisoner squats, until 20 prisoner squats.

3 minutes of Mary

Hello dollies (25 IC), Big Boy Sit Ups (20 IC), Hold plank for 60 seconds, Flutter kicks (25 IC), LBCs (20 IC), Heels to Heaven (10 OYO)

Jacob’s ladder: Start at the goal line, run to 50 do 3 merkins, back to goal line 6 merkins, until 18 merkins (ran out of time or would’ve done 30).

Indian run/walk back to the circle

Reiterate message from last week that good things don’t happen in comfort zones.  Challenge yourself to do better and do more.

Announcements: vote for Christmas party & 5ks coming up; come support Valdez’s VQ on Saturday – pre-beatdown with Wasted for anyone interested

Prayers for healing and recovery for Hat Trick’s aunt, Yard Sale’s daughter, Prunetang’s sister, and Outhouse’s knee. Prayers for Wasted’s job situation that everything works out.

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