Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

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  • When: 10/08/2020
  • QIC: Hey Boss
  • The PAX: Eileen, Extinguisher, Pyro, Bert, Mr. Woodchuck, Updraft

Special thanks to Eileen for sending it and Jumanji for creating a strong Q instructional document.  Strong quote from the guide is “No one’s VQ is great; flubbing a VQ is normal and accepted, being too scared or lazy to ever attempt a VQ is not.”  This is what it is all about….. having your team’s back and working together to achieve a common goal.

7 PAX showed up to a slightly dryer Chop Shop for some teamwork drills.


Warm Up:

SSH / Reacher / Toy Soldier / Michael Phelps


¼ mile mosey


Group returned to the field and partnered up (with one group having 3).  Each group was tasked with completing the below workouts as a group.  As one of the partners was working through the grueling reps, the other partner was powering through a 25-yard run / skip / high knees / karaoke / duck walk / etc.  down and back.  One the partner completed the down and back, they would pick up the reps where their partner left off and the other partner would run.

  • 100 – Block Curl Press
  • 200 – Block Squats
  • 300 – 2-count flutter kicks with block overhead


¼ Mile mosey

Speed Teamwork – AMRAP

On the same 25-yard field, the partners would individually sprint to the cone and back.  When both finished the sprint, the team completed 15 merkins.  Once both team members have finished the reps, repeat the sprints before completing the BBSU as a team…. And so on…..  AMRAP

  • Merkins x15
  • BBSU x15
  • Burpees x15



Announcements / Pray requests: Pyro’s presentation, SOC, and our F3 brother killed in the line of duty in SC.


Great time and great support for my VQ!

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