Jacob’s Ladder of Uncertainty

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  • When: 10/22/2020
  • QIC: Sasquatch
  • The PAX: Feud, Crotchless, Drumstick, Sasquatch

4 PAX gathered for an early 5 am beatdown.  3 were there unusually early and decided to trot around the parking lot while we waited for others to show. This confused Drumstick as he pulled in on time to the PAX already in motion.  YHC called a last-minute audible and moved us from the soggy field to the dry parking lot.  50 yards needed to be measured out for the upcoming Jacob’s Ladders.  Decided to use the parking lot speed bumps as our cones approximately 40yrds apart.

COP: SSH x15, Don Quixotes x15, LBAC fwd/bkwd x10, Chinook x10, Wonder Bra x10

Jacob’s Ladder #1 – Merkins to 10 by 1
1 merkin, run 40yrds, 2 merkins, run 40yrds, …until 10

Unknown minutes of Mary
Windshield Wipers x8 (discovered these should not be done in cadence, lots of groaning and laughing.  Stopped early due to uncontrollable laughing.)
###This is where Feud found the ants in his pants and was excused to relieve himself.###
Freddy Mercurys x10
LBCs x10
Side Hip Raises L&R x10

Jacob’s Ladder #2 – Jump Squats to 20 by 2
2 jump squats, run 40yrds, 4 jump squats, run 40yrds, …until 20

Unknown minutes of Mary
Pretzel crunches L&R x10
Mahktar N’dyes x10
Gas Pumps x10
Dollys x10

Jacob’s Ladder #3 – Mountain Climbers to 30 by 3 (YHC gave Feud choice of the last exercise)
3 Mnt Climbers, run 40yrds, 6 Mnt Climbers, run 40yrds, …until 30

Run 1 lap around the parking, approx 400m and stretch.


  • Crotchless son, Ian, scan results tomorrow
  • Feud’s wife cousin battling cancer
  • My wife
  • Drumstick’s cousin looking for work
  • Prayer
  • Pledge

Countarama (4 HIM STRONG)

Credit where credit is due. Most of this workout was from Scholl’s backblast on 8/6/20 with a few modifications. (https://f3jax.com/2020/08/06/climbing-jacobs-ladders/). Thank you!

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