Halloween Trick or Treat Move your Feet Beatdown

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  • When: 10/31/2020
  • QIC: Wasted
  • The PAX: Shirley, Flo, Bloomer, Bada Bing, Sofa, Valdez, Dollar Bill, Gizzard, Full Monty, AirBags, Prunetang, Check Please, Saigon Sam, Ripper, D-Day, Brown, Left Turn, Terminator, FNG Backdraft, FNG AC/DC, FNG Chicklet

Wasted welcomed 21 other HIM’s to F3, a free Halloween HN beatdown, volunteer peer-led workout, as a non-professional and having no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations, so it was each individuals responsibility to please excercise safe and modify as necessary.  In attendance Shirley, Flo, Bloomer, Bada Bing, Sofa, Valdez, Dollar Bill, Gizzard, Full Monty, AirBags, Prunetang, Check Please, Saigon Sam, Ripper, D-Day, Brown, Left Turn, Terminator…and enjoying this for the first time as FNG’s – the Pax welcomed Backdraft, AC/DC, and Chicklet!  And boy did they ever love it!

Today’s Message – what you put in body is important, you are what you eat!  That’s why we did the Halloween Candy excrcise beatdown.  However, just as or possibly more important is what you put in your mind nd waht you beleive you can do!

Warm-up: No Warm Up needed!   Q went right into the excercises, adjusting cadence like a pro on the fly despite heckling.

The Thang:  The Q started with SSH’s, a few merkins, and some burpees for those eating kit kats, snickers, and tootsie rolls from their kids  bags tonight.  We proceeded to mosey out of the splash parking lot and along preservation trail all while exchanging excercises for candy we will eat later, as you can observe below.  A highlight of the mosey and candy exchange for excercises was the synchronized skaters along the preservation trail sidewalk as requested to music by Flo, the line of Pax monkey humpers at the haunted home of fartsacker GNC, driveway pickle pounders at the haunted estate of Pull Ups, and the crab/bear creeepy crawler crawl through the Haunted Forest of Town Center, ending with a F3 Howl at the Moon rendition that all thoroughly enjoyed to scare the youngin’s in the neighborhood, thinking there was a real wolf in the woods…I mean haunted forest….

HALLOWEEN CANDY EXERCISE EXCHANGE – We earned candy by performing the following activities before EACH mini candy bar you eat.

Kit Kat = 30 jumping jacks
Snickers = 15 push-ups
Tootsie Roll = 5 burpees
M&M’s = 40 high knees
Butterfinger = 15 crunches
Skittles = 20 mountain climbers
Starburst = 10 squats
Candy Corn = 10 front lunges (each leg)
Nerds = 10 side lunges (each leg)
Laffy Taffy = 20 second wall sit
Heath Bar = 20 calf raises
Reese’s Pieces = 20 second plank
Twix = 5 squat jumps
Jolly Rancher = 20 second jump rope
Hershey bar = 15 American Hammer twists
Whoppers = 10 squats
Milk Duds = 30 arm circles
Peppermint Patty = 25 skaters
Life Savers = 30 second jog in place
Junior Mints = 30 butt kickers
Rolo = 10 inchworms
Pop Rocks = 5 star jumps
Cracker Jack = 10 squat jacks
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup = 10 tuck jumps
Swedish Fish = 10 curtsy lunges (each leg)
3 Musketeers = 10 single leg deadlifts (each leg)
Almond Joy = 10 “Superman” moves
Ring Pop = 40 air punches
Tootsie Roll Pop = 15 flutter kicks (each leg)
Sour Patch Kids = 30 second bicycle
Baby Ruth = 20 second crab walk  (did this through the “Haunted Forrest”)
Circus Peanuts = just don’t eat these…please
Mounds = 25 sumo squats
Pixy Stix = 25 hand-release push-ups


CountORama  -21

NameORama – on video and posted

Announcements – 11/12 dinner at PVO for Outhouse, 12/3 christmas party, refer to CSAUP and F2 for other events

Prayer requests – prayers for all the young trick-or-treaters tonight out in the neighborhoods

Christian Prayer:  and not a Hail Mary per Saigon Sam to keep it non-demoninational even though cradle Catholic Wasted knows no other prayers….

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