Every Day is Election Day

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  • When: 11/03/2020
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Air Bags (respect), Shirley (respect), Prunetang (teetering precariously on the edge of respect), Sofa, Dollar Bill, Peg.

America heads to the polls today to decide a bitterly contested presidential election. If you haven’t voted, vote! Of course, every day is something of an election day, as according to researchers at Cornell University, we make ~ 35,000 choices daily. YHC has trouble digesting that, as that works out to about 35 decisions per minute, assuming 16 hours of consciousness and 8 hours of sleep. Be that as it may, it’s safe to say we make a boatload of choices between rising and retiring.

We make all types of decisions. Some are mundane (e.g., Snaggle: “Should I wear the Ohio State tie with the big buckeyes or the Ohio State tie with the little buckeyes?”). Some are complex (Outhouse: “How old shall I be today?”). Some are grounded in logic (Dollar Bill: “I choose NOT to emulate Jeffrey Toobin on a Zoom meeting”) while others are born out of emotion (Slash: “If I cry during Saigon Sam’s workout, will he think less of me?”). Some are exercises in self-interest (Gizzard: “Shall I put myself between Valdez and the rampaging Armadillo?”) while others push the self beyond the comfortable (Hat Trick: “Shall I run a marathon on a bridge?”) and into the realm of the bold (Left Turn: “Shall I change careers?”)

At today’s beatdown, YHC put it to the Pax to (partially) decide their workout. Pairing up, P1 ran about ~ 150 yards and then returned. P2, meanwhile, did an exercise of his own election, choosing among the station of blocks, bricks, slam ball and jump ropes. The Pax not only had to decide what exercise they were going to do, but also how hard they would do it. There was some good work done out there, as the running was brisk and multiple Pax decided to push themselves by performing the dreaded blockees. YHC unintentionally trashed this workout on his Garmin instead of saving it, but we’ll go with DB’s readout that we got in 2.7 miles of running, interspersed with the coupon work. Good work, men.

We closed with some stretching, announcements (Outhouse’s 5-0 b-day dinner 11/12; what’s going on with the BadaFlo obstacle course race; a bit of confusion over the changing race date of the Kraken) and prayer requests for both personal needs and those of this country. Thanks for coming out, gentlemen. Let’s make some good decisions today; elect to do something good for your family, friends and faith!

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