Permission to Fail!

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  • When: 11/07/2020
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: Terminator, Gizzard, Bloomer, Peg, Dollar Bill, AC/DC (r), Peter Pan (dr), Flo, Saigon Sam (r)

F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith – Welcome downrange PAX, Peter Pan from F3 Tallahassee. 

Have you ever heard it said, “Failure is not an option?”

Did you know that muscles have to reach failure in order to experience the conditions needed to grow.

Think how this applies to the rest of your life. When we start to see failures as learning opportunities and opportunities for growth we become better. 

Admit failure and always fail forward fast. You either win or learn. You only fail when you quit. The obstacle is the way. Improvise, adapt, overcome. 


  • Balancing Arm Circles both ways – 10
  • Chinook Squats – 10
  • Heel Taps – 10
  • High Knees – 10
  • Side Straddle Hops – 10
  • Hillbillies – 10 ea
  • Michael Phelps – 10
  • DownDog UpDog
  • Mosey, 60 second stair lap sprint, stop sign to stop sign sprint, Mosey. 

Mosey to Sand Volleyball Court

  • Set 1 (11’s Ladder) 1 Jump Squat + Side Shuttle + 10 Burpees 
  • Set 2 (10’s Descending) Bear Crawl 10-Shoulder Taps + Crawl Bear all the way down to 1-Shoulder Tap 

Mosey to Nocatee Stage

Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down. Quite possibly the worst song ever made.

  • Merkins – Go to failure. At failure, Burpee then jump back in. 

Core Burner

    • Hollowback Flutters – 50
    • Plank Punches – 20
    • Plank Lateral Taps – 20
    • Dead Bugs – 20

Mosey to Field (10 cones)

3 Steps forward, 2 steps back ladder – Pax must perform exercise, run 3 cones forward, then two back, next exercise in the ladder. 

  • 50 SSH
  • 45 Toe Reachers (core)
  • 40 Mountain climbers each leg
  • 35 Hand Release Merkins
  • 30 Tempo Squats (low hold)
  • 25 Groiners
  • 20 Lunges each leg
  • 15 pike merkins
  • 10 Burpees

Johnny Roscoe’s 

  1. Align PAX across the goal line
  2. PAX SSH in place
  3. PAX perform up-downs/grass drills (falling to the ground, butt roll, stand up, run to next cone) 10 total cones

Mosey to Parking Lot

  • LL Cool J’s – Fail Forward Fast
    • Lunge, Lunge, Burpee, 10 SSH from stop sign to stop sign. 

Mosey back to Circle.

  • Icosahedron Dice Rolls + Cool Down


“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness…For when I am weak, then I am strong.”


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