Consistency and Good Form

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  • When: 11/10/2020
  • QIC: Scholls
  • The PAX: McFly, Green Eggs, Doink, Patch, Fifty Cent, Cool Breeze, Culpepper, Fixit, Butcher, Cyclops (FNG)

11 Pax braved the muggy November gloom for a Tabata beatdown that was later described as ‘deceptive’.  After a disclaimer, YHC described the Tabata beatdown and encouraged the Pax to focus on Consistency and Good Form.  The goal wasn’t to pound out as many reps as possible, but to stay consistent and keep our form on point.

We ended up with no rain, but the whole workout was designed around the picnic tables under the shelter.

Warmed up with SSH, Michael Phelps, Quad Stretches and Reachers.

The Thang

Three Cycles of 7 Exercises, each cycle performed 3x; 25 seconds of work for each exercise, 10 seconds of rest between exercises.

Cycle 1: Air Squats, LBC, Right Leg Split Squat, Mountain Climbers, Left Leg Split Squat, Reverse Crunch, Jump Squat – x3

Run a short lap, about 1:00, 45 seconds rest

Cycle 2: Twisting Incline Merkins, Superman, Hi & Dry Docks (Decline Dry Docks), Toe-Touch Mountain Climbers, Ranger Merkins, Ski Jacks, Merkins – x3

Run a short lap, about 1:00, 45 seconds rest

Cycle 3: Bonnie Blairs, SSH, Dips, Imperial Walkers, Werkins, Heels 2 Heaven, Box Jump – ended up with just 2 sets to get out on time.  No one seemed to complain.

YHC called out throughout the workout to remind the Pax to be consistent in their effort and keep good form.  YHC would remind them (and himself!) to keep their chest high during squats, their legs straight during Heels to Heaven, their chest to the table on the Twisting Incline Merkins, etc.  Especially when we get tired, it’s easy to let our form slip. Consistency, & Good Form.


The thing that YHC loves and hates about Tabata workouts are that the exercises just keep coming.  That 10 seconds of rest goes by quick, and another exercise comes and smacks you.  When we get tired, it’s easy to let our form slip, or to sneak ourselves a break.

This is just like life. There are many seasons where the difficulties or frustrations seem to just keep coming, with little to no rest in between.  To be High Impact Men, we must maintain Consistency and keep Good Form.  When my kid or my M disappoints me, will I blow my top, or will I love them through the disappointment with consistency and good form? When a co-worker or client acts unethically, will I pitch a fit or retaliate, or will I be level-headed, maintaining consistency and good form? It gets harder when we get tired, but we don’t get to take a break from our character! This is why we need each other, and why F3 is so important: for support and accountability, and for training in the gloom.  Consistency and Good Form are critical for us as husbands, fathers, sons, bosses and employees, and especially as Sons of God.

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