A run in the rain

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  • When: 11/12/20
  • QIC: charmin
  • The PAX: screwdriver, pud, toxic, heisenberg, xenu, superfly, shock therapy, zamboni, lego, hey big papi, bernie4points, bowzer, synapse,

Warm-up was minimal: SSH and a mosey to the JOI garage

Fortune favored us as @Gecko was present with his 2.0 and MUSIC to lift our spirits in the mild rain.

The Thang: Down and back rooftop – Down: 5 diamond merkins per column alternating duck walks and bear crawl – @Pud was the hero! Back: 5 V-ups per column alternating lunge walks and bear crawl – @Heisenburg used his length to win this event!

Next was to the stairwell with 80s Rock!!! 4 sets of stairs w/ 3 Spartan burpees or 5 regular burpees at the top and 5 V-ups at the bottom. QIC was first 1 done.

To wrap up, we did a race to 3 ramps- Partner exercise – Run down, 50 air squats at the bottom collectively then SOC (partner carry) or lunge walk back up for 20 merkins collectively. @Toxic was the Hero as he SOC’d the Q up the ramps!!!

Mosey back to the flag for Count, Name-o-rama, Prayer requests and reminders – CHRISTMAS party sign-up, Trinity is weekly and they are in need, the Glen Kernan Timed Tri is Sat 6:30 – 8 AM. Pledge and Q-source: TRUST 2.0.

It was a joy and a pleasure to lead this morning! Thanks to all the PAX and my apologies if I have forgotten your participation.

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