Rain? What rain?

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  • When: 11/12/20
  • QIC: Mr. Woodchuck
  • The PAX: Fixit, Extinguisher, Updraft, Pyro, Eileen, Hey Boss, Septum, Bert

8 PAX joined YHC in the gloom and dampness of a warm mid-November morn.  Is this a storm coming?  Who knows, the rain held off but Chop Shop didn’t disappoint with the swamp like conditions.







The Thang:

Round 1:

AMRAP (x3) of:

LBC’s – run to the cone – 5 burpee’s

Flutter kicks – run to the cone – 10 Iron Mike’s

BBSU – run to the cone – 10 prisoner squats

Run to the stop sign come back to pavilion

Round 2:

1 burpee – run to first cone – 10 merkins run back

2 burpees – 10 merkins – run to second cone – 20 American hammers – run back

3 burpees – 10 merkins – 20 American hammers – run third cone – 30 squats – run back

4 burpees – 10 merkins – 20 American hammers – 30 squats – run to fourth cone – 40 shoulder taps – run back

5 burpees – 10 merkins – 20 American hammers – 30 squats – 40 shoulder taps – run to fifth cone – 50 LBC’s – run back

When done – go back down the ladder.

The message today was to listen.  As I move into the last month of my 40’s and the 2.0’s are moving out I have been trying to listen and be in the moment.  Over the years, I have too often been interested in the what’s on the tv, my phone, or something else happening around me that prevented me from having a conversation.  How many times have I missed having a meaningful conversation with my kids or M when they needed the attention.  Time is fleeting and it doesn’t last.  Take the opportunity to be involved and engaged no matter how big or how small.

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.” – Walt Whitman

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