BENCHES in the Park

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  • When: 11/14/20
  • The PAX: Toxic - DR, Bernie, PUD, Heisenberg, Xenu - R, Zamboni, Boucher - R, Hey Boss, Groundspeed, Shock Treatment, Bert, ShortHorn, WoodChuck

14 PAX showed up at Memorial Park wondering what will we do? No cinderblocks?  YHC talked about the launch at the Vet and picked something up that will be used later.


  • chinook, wonderbra, don quixote, something else…all 10 and IC.


YHC talked about FIRE break that was learned at the vet.  So, randomly during the workout, FIREbreak was yelled and all the PAX did:

  • 5 4 count Flutter kicks OYO
  • 5 Iron Mikes OYO
  • 5 Rollover merkins OYO
  • Everybody Plank to show you’re done.

Moseyed to the far bench for BENCHES.  PAX split into 2 groups to go around park opposite side. This is done at every bench, mosey to next  bench.

  • Burpees 5
  • E2K – elbows to knees 10 per side
  • Nolan Ryan – 10 per side
  • Carolina Dry docks 10
  • Homer to Marge  10
  • Elvis meets Forrest  10 paces  (crowd pleaser)
  • Suzanne Somers 10

PAX picked a partner, a bench across the park was pointed out.

Time for LIFO’s modified Dora. The modification is no running, no partner, everyone just to 100/200/300 of the exercise.  The bench was just a distraction. The partner was for support.

100 Merkins/ 200 Hillbillies/ 300 LBC.

Hero support rule.  When the second person finishes, we all are done.

Woodchuck was running, joined the PAX here.

PAX on 6 in a line.  Instead in a circle like Guantanamo, PAX in a line, call this the Xylophone, push the legs done, first PAX goes to the end, think Indian run style, go all the way across the field.

Finally, YHC asked what was another character in Forrest Gump, every single one guessed Jenny, incorrectly.  Lt. Dan (Burpee/Lunge) was done across the field to meet at the flag.

There were about 5 FIREbreaks called through the hour.

Naked Moleskin:

Trinity review, Christmas Party.


Until I Q again…..


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