What’s often easy isn’t important…

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  • When: 11/28/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Tone Deaf(r), Inside Out(r)

And what’s important isn’t often easy….
3 Pax posted in the mist at Sunshine Park to experience some new exercises and get their sweat on…
And to gauge the attendance of the group, nobody posted to Stephon’s boot camp…but the volleyball players did indeed post.

20/ Alternating side Squats •10/ Bat Wings 20 LBAC F•B• 20 seal claps•20 overhead claps• 4 count in cadence SSH•20
Ballerina Squats•20 in cadence
Alarm clock •10 OYO
REACHER•10/AST•10/Mt climbers


APPLE TURNOVER•width of field bear crawl/crab walk/bear crawl/ flip at each cone.

BILLY MADISON. 12 grades …
1/ 12 burpees 2/LBC 3/AST
4/flutter kicks 5/wide Merkins/ 6/hello dolly 7/diamond merkins 8/big boi sit ups 9/ staggered merkins 10/ marionette sit ups11/staggered merkins 12/big boi sit ups

First and 10
Run 10 yds…1 burpee/10 merkins. Run to end. Mosey back to 20. 2 burpees 9 merkins. Run to the end. Mosey back to the 30. 3 burpees 8 merkins.

COT. BOM. Prayers for those traveling, sick, healing, and joy…always a good way to start the day…
Pay special attention to 1st and 10…that exercise will get your attention. Enjoy the weekend fellas.

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