Warm Wednesday in the Gloom.. Wait- 28 degrees?

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  • When: 12/02/2020
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: Full Monty (R), Deuce, Heisenberg, Dollar Bill, Zamboni (R), Prunetang, Bada Bing, Terminator, Hat Trick

You ever turn on the defroster in your car and hear a pop– windshield breaks? Darnit. and then pull up to Q and just hope no one shows. And then a bunch of dudes in hooded sweatshirts and tights are there. Welcome to my Wednesday– fortunately it got better.

10 of us got after it in the cold… Kept it simple and kept it moving.. A warmup around the circle and then a mosey with stops along the way to the turf field. FIA ladies were getting after it– cold didn’t scare them away either.

Pretty simple at the turf field– goal line burpee, 10 yard line upper body (10)- back to goal line- 20 yard line legs (20)- back to goal line- 30 yard line core (30)- back to goal line- 40 yard sprint, loosen up the hips and do it again.. and again. and– well you get the point. Rinse and repeat. Stretching in the middle of all this– someone told me that’s important on a cold day but to warm up first..

Indian run back to the circle with some slalom work. Stretch routine– again, apparently that is important? Finish with Guantanamo.

Announcements: Christmas Party Thursday at the Legion; Dude race Sunday.

Prayers for Uncle Jake who hopefully is on the mend and prayers to Full Monty’s family going through interviews. Prayers for all of us as we enter an uncertain holiday season.

Get some!

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