30’s Together at Anthill

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13 Pax Posted for my second Q: 30’s Together, since today is my 30th Wedding Anniversary. Thanks @Bowzer for letting me hijack the Q.

@Fifty Cent THANKS for journeying up from Boondocks… YOU are the reason I am in F3!

@Gekko, @Pud, @Superfly, @tom Williams, @jumanji, @Xenu, @savage, @fifty cent, @snuffy, @shock treatment, @screwdriver, @Bowzer.

3 Stations, pax divided into three groups, working together, moving together, enduring one another, talking to one another… just like my marriage.

Picnic Station: 30 Dips, 30 LBC’s, 30 Step-Ups, Plank for 6, Mosey together to Basketball Court.

Basketball Station: 3o count bear crawl, 30 Hello Dolly’s, 30 Squats. Suicide runs for the 6, Mosey to raquetball court.

Raquetball Station: 30 wide merkins, 30 2-count flutter kicks, 30-Clap Wall Sit, Monkey Humpers for the 6.

After a few rounds, we all rejoined together, for 30 Burpees. Then did the stations all together to the end, finishing with 5 Burpees for the next 5 years of my marriage. Someone commented “is that all she can take of you, 5 more years?” DO THE MATH. 5 more burpees, 13 PAX, 65 more years with this wonderful woman, God willing!

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