Chop Shop Coffee Rocks!

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  • When: 12/15/2020
  • QIC: Eileen
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Farah and Farah, Seatdown, Septum, Charmin, Extinguisher, Updraft, Bert

Okay, the header is just because have our own coffee services on Tuesdays…you should join us! Thanks, Septum!

Warm Up stuff

The workout

  1. Suicides – Descending burpees, start with 12, drop by 1
  2. Pull up and Decline Merkins sets – 7 pullups and 10 Dirkins X 7
  3. Mosey to light on the street, monkey humpers and back.
  4. Four Corners – 20 of each – 4 Count Flutter Kicks; Plank Jacks; BBSU; American Hammer – count 1 side X 7

Turns out, that’s all we had time for…Plenty more on the Winky for next time!

Start your goal planning for 2021! There are unknowns, yes, but plenty you can control. Get after it.

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