Fathers, Sons, brothers from other countries

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Poseidon pax to include And thank you very much for the assist by Pappa Smurf. Awesome on the fly …Pappa Smurf, Home Alone, his father Carl, Tone Deaf, Bobber, FNG Rot Gut, Yardsale

Extended Warm Arama
Dora’s 300, 200, 100. LBC, CCDD, JHSQ
Playground 10 pull ups , 20 merkins, 30 BBSUPS
Tennis courts 22degree derkins, 45 degree derkins and the all time Pappa favorite BALLS TO THE WALL
Circle up 11,s Burpees and Merkins
50 yard sprints Merkins, flutter kicks , SSHps

Prayers for Yardsale’s daughter , Pappas family , my uncle in law Danny. Prayers for all.

Thank you men for being who you are

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