Appreciation, Plus A Look Back at 2020, Roasting Style!

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  • When: 12/21/2020
  • QIC: Airbags
  • The PAX: Bullwinkle (R), Papa Smurf (RR), Full Monty (R), 3 Peat (R), Yard Sale (R), Bloomer, Sofa, Macho Libre, Tazz, Aquaman, Fix It, Gizzard, Terminator, Valdez, Wasted, Check Please, Deuce and Peg.

19 strong 4 days before Christmas! Love it! Special shout out to Bullwinkle who will be leaving us. Safe travels and stay in touch my friend!

• Warmups
o SSHs
o Merkins
o Michael Phelps
o LBCs
o Hillbillies
o Groiners
o Burpees
• Mosey bathrooms.
o Balls to Wall while partner runs to home plate and back
• Bear Crawl Hall (BC to Light, Lunge to Bleachers)
o Partner hangs while partner performs exercises below. (Yes, PS you were correct. Should have done 10 of each)
o 25 Derkins
o 25 Dips
o 25 Step Ups Each Leg
o 25 Merkins
• Bear Crawl Exit (CB to Light, Backward Lunge out)
• Mosey to Football Field
o Burpee Every 10yds (Increase 1 every 10 yards up to 5, then descend)
 Mosey, BC, Backward Run, CB, Karaoke R, Karaoke L, Skip, Broad Jump, Shuffle R, Shuffle L.
• Mosey to Back Parking Lot
o 25 Merkins at each corner, Mosey.
• Native American Run back to flag
• Head count, COT, Announcement & Prayer Requests
• Best Quote for 2020, “This is not the year to get everything you want. This is the year to appreciate everything you have.”
• “Christmas is a tribute to your grace, not our deservedness.”

Now for the ROAST! All in FUN Fellas. Don’t get your FEELLINGS hurt!
A LOOK BACK AT 2020……………
• Outhouse finally gets the respect he deserves after 53 years!
• Saigon Sam named Nantan. He finally wins something!
o 3 Questions:
 How many votes did he submit for himself?
 Will his Achilles every heal?
 Did you know he went to Chimbote, Peru?
 King??? WTH? A page out of the GNC Playbook!
• If you ever invite Gizzard to your house, don’t give him your address. Drive to his house and have him follow you back.
• My bike has NEVER come in last place at anything………..that is until I loaned it to Sofa!
• Thank God McDreamy finally moved away!
o BTW, when’s the next farewell dinner for him?
• Is there anyone on the Universe not aware that Wasted invited Left Turn to F3?
o I swear I saw him telling a little old Lady in Publix last week, “Hey Grandma, did you know I invited Left Turn to F3? What Sonny? Turn up your hearing aid Grandma, I said I was the one who invited Left Turn to F3! What’s a Left Turn Sonny? Pay attention Grandma, I invited Left Turn to F3! Why don’t YOU take a left turn Sonny and get out of my face!
• Speaking of Left Turn, have you learned how to ride that bike yet without falling over? Also, “Marriage Counselor,” told the M and she hasn’t laughed that hard in almost 30 years of marriage!
• Papa Smurf – watch out for that curb!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• Heisenberg – watch out for that curb!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, no, I am not giving out Prostate exams!
• C’mon Full Monty, get over that fence without hurting yourself! And put some clothes on when you drive home, PLEASE!
• Valdez for President 2024! Or Animal Control Officer!
• Dollar Bill, quit polishing those calves before you come to F3. It’s distracting Bloomer!
• Bloomer, get on your “belly” and give me 50 Supermans, then 50 Sugar Cookies!
• Bada Bing, please, please, please buy some shorts that fit you!
• Creation of the DUDEOLOGY Show – where 2 guys gaze into each other’s eyes with goofy grins on their faces!
• Wasted, it was a very close vote with the deciding vote coming from your M. We are not granting your name change to JACKPOT, but by a 99-1 vote margin, you are approved to change your name to another word that begins with JACK***.
• Hat Trick, approval has been granted to change your name to BRIDGE-MAN! You should choose the Nocatee roundabout for your next Marathon!
• Sandcrab – Get those elbows in!
• Prunetang, told my M the Dentist story and now I can no longer hang out with you.
• Focker/Sofa Bro-Mance. Need I say more?
• Slash Radio – underfunded and underappreciated, but questionable gift giving. Hear me DB?
• Yard Sale, aka “Uncle Rico”, “Sorry guys I’m on another extravagant trip. See you in two weeks, maybe three!”
• Please Zamboni, can we do more Burpees. We never do Burpees when you Q!
• 3Peat, don’t worry about that hip and back, you should be Triple Downing!
• Check Please, “I can’t Q tomorrow because I played too much Pickleball.” PLEASE…………
• Inside Out, F3 starts promptly at 5:30am!
• Where are you at this week Shirley, Jamaica, Tortola, Bora Bora, or Palatka?
• Deuce, only F3 Brother who performs a Burpee penalty before the exercise even begins and before he’s even penalized! Now that’s dedication, or Dyslexia, not sure which!
• Terminator, are all you guys really going to fit in that tent?
• Sorry if I left anyone out. Actually, I am NOT sorry. The world does not revolve around you, get over yourself Gravy!

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