Permission to Rest

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  • When: 12/24/2020
  • QIC: Left Turn
  • The PAX: Slash (r), Extra Credit, Hat Trick, Papa Smurf (rr), Skid Mahk, Costanza, 3Peat (r), PruuuneTang, Saigon Sam (r), Bada Bing, Felony, Air Bags (r), Peg, Iron Eagle (welcome), Out House (r), Sofa, Flo, Bada Boom, Brown, Focker (r), Dollar Bill, Check Please

Permission to Rest

23 Men converged on Hard Nocs for a special holiday beatdown. There was a lot of work, tons of mumble chatter, prayers for health and longevity, and a ton of fellowship.

The theme of today is Permission to Rest. As men it can be difficult to shut off the parts of our brain that relate to productivity and work. My challenge to you is to give yourself permission to rest this holiday. Give undivided attention to your family and immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas. But first, let’s workout.

12 days of warming up

1 Limp Member

2 Toe Touches

3 Squats

4 Hill Billies (in cadence)

5 SSH (in cadence)

6 Merkins

7 Big Boy Situps

8 Lunges (total)

9 Hello Dollies

10 Monkey Humpers

11 Scorpions / Iron Cross

12 Burpees


A little mosey around the parking lot


Now to the Thang…


12 Days of F3

Goes like the song – plank for the six after each day


1 – Lap Around the Welcome Center Stairs

2 – No hand get ups

3 – Ground to overhead

4 – Up Down Deadlifts

5 – Floor Press Combos (floor press + big boy situp)

6 – Goblet Squats

7 – Objects Swinging

8 – Monkey Humpers

9 – Shoulder touches (each arm)

10 – Thrusters thrusting

11 – Ladies Lunging (each leg)

12 – Burpees Burping


Permission to rest. Be the family man you wish you were. Shut off your other world. Focus on what matters most. Our kids won’t remember what their christmas gift was but they will remember wearing pajamas all day and eating ice cream for breakfast.

Prayers for 3Peat’s Daughter, Slashes Daughter, and Fockers Neighbor. Prayers for our country. Prayers for the men of F3 and the men we wish to become.

Merry Christmas fellas!

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