Cinderblock in the cold

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  • When: 12/26/20
  • The PAX: Shorthorn, Heisenberg, PUD, Synapse - DR, Toxic - DR, Circuit Breaker - DR, Gekko - R, Bernie 4 Points - R, Floppy Disk, Big Papi - R, Shock Treatment - R, Rosin bag, B for Bert - R

14 PAX braved the frigid temps after Christmas to gather at Memorial Park.  The call was to bring cinderblocks.

Warmup: literally, doing things to warm up and get moving.

  • Michael Phelps
  • 5 burpees
  • The Gekko  – invisible jump rope
  • Don Quixote
  • 10 more burpees  – late arrival PUD.
  • Since we needed more cinderblocks, PAX did squats while PUD pulled 2 more out of his car.

The Thang. In a circle. 2 dice, 1 is exercise and 2 is the multiplier all with cinderblocks.

  • 1 kettle bell swing
  • 2 blockbees
  • 3 overhead presses
  • 4 merkins
  • 5 squat thrusters
  • 6 bench press.

Now, we couldn’t just to 1 – 6 kettle bell swings, so an extra dice was needed. We did 66 one time and 24 another time.

Carry blocks to fountain. Calf Raises w/ block, dips, more calf raises, more dips.

To the light pole. Partner up.

Dora 1,2,3 with blocks.

100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 BBSU (audible stop at 200).

Carry blocks across the fields. Stopped for FIRE break once and stopped for burpees 2x.

Crying babies were done in honor of Xenu.

Carry blocks a little more than halfway back.

I gave the PAX a choice on how to get back to flag. Carolina honey pot or Murder bunnies. All chose murder bunnies b/c they thought it was easier (except the Q).  So as a result, all had to go back the way they did not only the Q had to murder bunny back.

Naked Moleskin

YHC talked about distraction and trying to refocus. Whether it be towards your religion, family, friends work.  We all have distractions try to take a step back and head forward with more focus.

Welcome Circuit Breaker!

Thanks for letting me lead.


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