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  • When: 01/09/2021
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Crotchless, Roddy, Woodshed, Drumstick, Sasquatch, Feud

6 HIM of Fleming Island posting on the frigid tundra of Asgard wondering who left the AC on.  YHC made note of the cooler weather and knew he had to keep the Pax moving in order to stay warm. Knowing YHC was participating in the MABA CASUP from our F3 brethren in St. Louis, the pax was relieved to catch him finishing up his burpee count for the day during his dolly. While YHC did complete his burpee count for the day, he also knew the pax had not.  Afterall, as Sasquatch once said, “we’re all in this together”.  Sounds like a song from a Disney musical….


  • SSH x30 IC
  • Mosey to US-17 and back with the fast holes wagon wheeling for the 6

The Thang

Today’s Q-source topic is on the first Foundational principles of a virtuous leader: Disruption.  YHC decided for today, he would incorporate exercises that caused disruption for him, and forced him to move to become better than he thought he could be.  YHC already knew he hated running and pull-ups.  At his first F3 beatdown, he learned he hated bear crawls and burpees, too.

  • Baseball HIIT
    • 10 burpees at home
    • Sprint to first base and do 20 merkins + 20 squats
    • Recovery mosey back to home
    • Repeat but sprint to 2nd base and do same exercises
    • Continue until final sprint all they way to home + exercises
  • Crabby bear walks
    • Bear crawl home to first
    • Crab walk first to second
    • Walk crab second to third
    • Crawl bear third to home
  • The Crimson- 10 pull-ups at the playground, run to the line between first and second base for 10 burpees, return to the playground for 9 pull-ups, then to the line for 9 burpees…. continue until down to 1 pull-up and 1 burpee

Return to the COP:

  • 5 burpees OYO (YHC couldn’t live with himself if he let the pax walk away from today’s beatdown with a burpee count of 95)
  • Run to US-17 and back with fast holes wagon wheeling (it was about this time when the cramps in the Q’s leg made him question his decision to dolly prior to today’s beatdown)
  • Beatdown ended with some light stretches that the Q was too tired give proper commands other than, “just take a look at what I’m doing and do that..”

Naked Mole Skin

  • At some point during the Crimson or after it, Sasquatch declared he would be signing up for the remaining Q’s for the month of January
  • “Is the crimson in reference to the color of blood you merlot as you try to complete it?”


YHC informed the pax that four of the exercises we did today (run, bear crawls, pull-ups and burpees) all caused disruption for him, but he recognized that they did make him better.  It caused him to move- to do more of these exercises so that he can continue to improve.  He noticed that the improvements were not just in the physical sense, but also from a mental (in terms of determination, discipline, and confidence) sense.  YHC encouraged the pax to work on their personal weakness in order to get better.  They may never become elite at their personal weakness, but they won’t let them pull them down either.    


  • Convergence at Boondocks next Saturday- Asgard closed next Saturday!
  • Roddy’s wife, Erin for health issues
  • Sasquatch’s wife Kristin for GI issues and upcoming endoscopy
  • Continued prayers for Talen (cancer)
  • Healing for our country; may unity prevail
  • For those affected by the pandemic, for those aiding in the fight against it, and the success of the vaccine
  • Lord’s prayer
  • Pledge

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