Perfect Weather for a Full Body Beatdown

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  • When: 01/12/2021
  • QIC: Scholls
  • The PAX: Butcher, Twister, Mr. Woodchuck (R), McFly, Floater, Fixit, Fifty Cent

A couple of weeks ago, YHC was incredibly honored to be named the Site Q for Thunderdome/Boondocks.  This invitation came with a bayonet signed by the pax, so it was serious business.

Then they told me that one of the duties of Site Q is to take the Q if no one else signed up.  So Monday night I checked to see who the Q was, and lo and behold, turns out it was me by default.

Earlier in the day I’d run on the Nocatee Bridge as an early benchmark for the Blue Ridge Relay.  After a whopping 280 feet of elevation change, YHC has a long ways to go.  There was some inspiring text thread discussion about how much lunges, step ups, etc. help towards running hills well, plus we are in the middle of a Burpee challenge.  It. Was. On.


8 Pax showed up on a perfect morning – clear, not too humid, and 60 degrees.  After a rousing disclaimer and the promise of burpees, we did an assortment of SSH, Running in Place, Butt Kickers, High Knees, LBACF&B. We then moseyed to the turf field fo

The Thang

Thanks in large part to the sweet sounds of such classic artists as the Beatles, the Kinks, Led Zeppelin, and The Doobie Brothers, these 8 pax were ready to take on whatever this Q had to throw at them.

Burpee Ladder – 1 Burpee on the goal line, 2 Burpees on the 50, 3 Burpees back on the goal line, 4 on the 50, etc.  to 10 Burpees. Burpee count at 55

6 Minutes of Mary – LBCs, Freddy Murcurys, Reverse Crunches, Side Hip Raises, V-Ups, WW1 Situps, 60 seconds plank.  Well at least it felt like 6 minutes…

Ladder by 3’s – Odd numbers were Bobby Hurleys, Even numbers were Merkins.  3 Bobby Hurleys on the goal line, 6 Merkins on the 50, 9 BH’s on the goal line, 12 Merkins on the 50, etc. to 30 Merkins.

After a couple of 10 counts, we did 5 Burpees (total now at 60), and then moseyed back to the pavilion. Here we did 3 rounds of

10 Burpees

15 Split-leg Squats on each leg

20 Twisting Incline Merkins.

With 90 Burpees in the bag, we circled up for some stretching and the


Ahead of our first QSource YHC gave a quick word about Leadership as Disruption.  The first thing in leadership surely must be to see what needs disruption in our own lives, and allow God, through the Holy Spirit and the fellowship of our brothers, to move us forward in these areas.

Prayer and Pledge.

Thanks for letting me serve! Now nail those last 10 Burpees!

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