Chop Shop meets the Battle Rope

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  • When: 11/14/2021
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Bert, Hey Boss, Eileen, Extinguisher, Updraft, Schools, Mr Woodchuck, Septum, Lego, PUD

After working a little late, YHC didn’t know exactly what was in store for the Men at Chop Shop. YHC filled the back of his trusty Sequoia with assorted coupons.

10 manly men posted for a FREE Mens workout at Tomahawk Park. They were all anxious to take their turn with the battle rope. After YHC using the rope at Anthill for 1 minute straight, I figured we’d change it up a bit – Tabata style.

Multiple stations were set up. The conditions were ideal & we had just the right number of stations…


Schools took the lead as the Q was preoccupied trying to sync his phone w/ his speaker. As Schools surveyed the coupons he figured it’d be a good idea to get the shoulders loose!  There were SSH’s, arm circles, Michael Phelps & other exercises.


  1. Station one battle ropes station 20 seconds High Intensity & 10 seconds of rest – for 4 cycles. Alternating Wave. Double Wave. Shoulder circles out. Shoulder Circle in.
  2. Farmer carry – 2 pickle buckets each 50lbs
  3. kettle bell shot put – 10lb – Alternating arms as you cross the field
  4. Squat thrust launch w/ “Medicine Ball” – 23-26 lbs
  5. Sand bag launch – Raise to chest, push with both arms, across field – 20 lbs
  6. Kettle bell walk – grab kb, extend arm, walk across field while holding in one arm. Change arms on the way back.
  7. Solid Cindy Curls – undisclosed weight
  8. Cindy swing – 32ish lbs
  9. Cindy thrust – 32ish lbs
  10. Atlas stone walk – carry stone across field & back. – More than 50lbs, less than 100lbs (I should weigh it sometime!)

Alternating stations every 2 minutes. I believe everyone got 2 cycles in. Hats off to Schools for taking no rest between. He was focusing on knocking out his 100 burpees!


Prayers for the family & son’s of Lifo & Bowzer. Other prayers were mentioned but YHC is drawing a blank.

Trinity Rescue Mission on Friday

Convergence on Saturday


Bert, Hey Boss, Eileen, Extinguisher, Updraft, Schools, Mr Woodchuck, Septum,   Lego, PUD

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