What is your foundation?

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  • When: 01/20/21
  • QIC: Gravy
  • The PAX: Sofa, Bloomer, Terminator, Hat Trick, Shirley, Gizzard, Full Monty

It was a chilly morning at Davis Park as starting temps were in the upper 30s. That didn’t stop 8 men from showing up to get better this morning. In the midst of a crazy time in our nation, YHC posed the question- “What is your foundation?” Disclaimer was given and we were off. YHC delivered on his promise of no burpees.


– Lap around parking lot to warm up
– Limp Member OYO
– SSH X 10 (IC)
– Reacher x 10 (IC)
– Hilbilly x 10 (IC)
– Toy Soldier x 10 (IC)
– 10 Michael Phelps OYO
– Arm Circles forward and backward x 10 (IC)

The Thang

– Mosey to the turf field.
– Squat Ladder
– 1 squat at the goal line
– run to the 50, 2 squats
– run back to goal line, 3 squats
– rinse and repeat to 20 squats

– run to the other goal line and back to shake out the legs

– 11s using sidelines
– 1 merkin, 10 BBSU, etc.

– Mosey to the baseball field parking lot

– Lunge/Squat burner (where mumblechatter went to die)
– lunge between islands (3 islands total).
– by the time you get to the 3rd island, you needed 100 squats done.

– Mosey to flag.

All in all, over 2.5 miles covered along with 310 squats, 55 merkins/BBSU, and a lot of lunges.


– Announcements
– Kraken- need people to work the pain stations, Spartan, Ruck on Friday

– Prayers
– EQ starting new job.
– Prayers for President Biden and his administration
– Prayers for our nation
– Prayers for those sick with COVID, dealing with loss, and difficult pregnancies.

Matthew 7:24-27. If our foundation is on the sand (things that are temporal, things that don’t matter, things you can’t control, etc) you will not stand when the storm hits. If your foundation is on things on the rock (God, family, etc) then you will stand when the storm hits. What is your foundation?

Always in honor to lead!

Gravy out.

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