Cold? Not When You Move!

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  • When: 02-03-2021
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Crop duster , Felony, Inside Out(r), 3 Peat(r)

Five showed up…5 pushed hard…5 finished. The turf was warm…the rubber on the playground was cold…oh well. We get after it.
SSH:20 MP:10 LBACBF:10 Reacher:10 MT Climbers:20

Mosey to the playground
Ladder pull ups, merkins squats. Lap around the park in between each set.
Mosey to skate park
Ladder 5.10.15 step ups, squats,LBC’s.
Mosey to the field .
21 to 1. Flutter kicks and big boi sit ups…run the width of the field.
Finish with peer led Ciabatta. Crop duster got the burpee award and 3 Peat threw in surrenders.
COT BOM. PRAYERS FOR IO’s father in law and Hat Tricks brother in law. The Q also urged the Pax to say positive prayers and be grateful for ALL OF THE THINGS that He has given us. He is in charge of everything…
Always a pleasure to work out with these guys. Cheers.

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