“The stronger the guardrails the faster you can drive”

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  • When: 02/08/2021
  • QIC: Saigon Sam
  • The PAX: Slash, Bada Boom(R), Zamboni (R), D-Day, Check Please, Brown, Left Turn, Air Bags (R), Wasted

YHC greeted on a chilly Monday morning by 9 Pax.  After some mumble chatter on the somewhat surprising Bucs big victory over the Chiefs in the Super Bowl we proceeded to get after it!

  • Disclaimer Read, No FNG’s, Count-a-Rama
  • F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.
  • F3 is Peer led,  Free, Open to all Men, Outdoors rain or shine and always ends in a Circle of Trust.

YHC was looking for a theme and grabbed the Concept of the month from the F3 Jax Newsletter : Accountability.  This was something Airbags had referenced in a previous Q but this is something YHC needs to hear often.  Thanks Jumanj for laying these themes out each month!

Do we love our brothers enough to hold them accountable especially when it’s uncomfortable?


Hillbillies 10X IC

Tempo squats 10X IC

Michael Phelps 10X IC

Moroccan Night Club 10X IC

Chinook 10X IC

Run 400 meter lap

The Thang:

Strength Circuit: (45 seconds max reps, PAX rotate to next exercise, 45 seconds rest, during rest period Rd 1 Pax will do 2 Kraken Burpees – 3 hand release merkins at the bottom, Rd 2 Pax will do 2 Wolverine/Seal Burpees – Mountain Climber and 3 Merkins at the bottom)

            Round 1:

    1. Reverse Lunge Holding Weight overhead (20 lb. Ruck Plate)
    2. Burpee, Curl to overhead press (20lb dumbbells)
    3. Flutter Kicks holding (30 lb. ruck plate)
    4. Squat with overhead press (using Slam ball)
    5. Kettle Bell Snatch and Press (20 lb. KB, switch arms at mid-point)
    6. Merkin into Renegade Row (use 15 lb. dumbbells)
    7. Hammer Curls (25 lb. dumbbells)
    8. Lateral Raise, Upright Row (12 lb. dumbbells)
    9. Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension (standing 30 lb. ruck plate)
    10. Front Shoulder Raise (20 lb. ruck plate)

Run 400 Meter lap

               Round 2:

    1. Shoulder Wheel Rotation with (20 lb. ruck plate)
    2. Dumbbell Skull Crusher (on six) (20 lb. dumbbells)
    3. Bent over rows (30lb ruck plate, alternate arms)
    4. Goblet Squats (using Slam Ball)
    5. Kettle Bell Swing – Single arm, alternate (20 lb. kettlebell)
    6. Lateral lunge (use 15 lb. dumbbell.)
    7. Standing Arnold Press (using 25 dumbbells.)
    8. Reverse dumbbell Fly (12 lb. dumbbells)
    9. Overhead press (30 lb. ruck plate)
    10. American Hammer (20 lb. ruck plate)


Welcome to the respect category Bada Boom!

Apologies to the Pax for the Tabata malfunctions but we adapted and overcame for a good workout!

We closed with the message of accountability:

Iron sharpens Iron and one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

“The stronger the guardrails the faster you can drive” Q source

If you surround yourself with HIM’s they will help you stay on the path and not run in the ditch and you should help them.  YHC encouraged PAX to pick up the 500 lbs. phone and call someone to ask for help and offer correction (in a loving and tactful way) as needed.   

Prayers for God’s help in driving accountability for each other to be better husbands, fathers, and leaders in our communities and prayers for knowledge of God’s will for us today and this week and for the power to carry it out!

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