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  • When: 02/13/21
  • The PAX: Short Horn, Pud, Rosenbag, Shock Treatment, Heisenberg, Bowzer - R, Big Red, Six Strings, Synapse - DR, Toxic - DR, Bernie 4 Points - R, Boucher - B, Xenu - R

It was a moist and gloomy morning at Memorial Park, PAX started to gather.  We placed our cinderblocks at one cone, then circled up around the flag about 20 feet away.  2 more PAX made it just in time, one being a visitor from Cape Fear…then a few moments later PUD comes running in.


  • Reachers – for some reason, Toxic was talking about Poke? and reachers…
  • BAC, LBAC both F/B, Chinooks all IC
  • Imperial Walkers

Block Party! – every 5 minutes or so…YHC yelled block party and where ever we were, we ran to the cone, a PAX rolled the dice, whatever it showed, we did that number of blockees.  6 was the first..for some reason, 3 was never rolled (was the dice loaded).

The Thang:

  • C – carolina dry docks 20
  • I – Imperial walkers 20
  • N – Nolay Ryan 20/side
  • D – Diamond merkins 20
  • E – E2k – 20/side
  • R – Ranger Merkins 20
  • B –  BBSU 20
  • L – LBFC 20
  • O – outlaws 20 (10 each way)
  • C – Chinook squats 20 ic
  • K – Knerkins – 20 – Everyone brought out their inner Chuck Norris with these
  • S – Singlet Merkins 20 6ct ic  -crowd pleaser…these will be back.

Ran to statue  for some calf raises, rocky balboas, butkis then bear crawled around.

Found a bench for some dips, erkins, derkins, step ups, noodling

Ran back to the dice for addition then subtraction. Roll dice 2x add up, subtract from 40 do that number of the exercises chosen by various PAX.

Rosenbag chose 2 exercises from the CINDERBLOCKS and we did those.

It was muddy, Heisenberg complained about being dirty all over and could never find a dry spot.  There were many That’s what she said’s going around and Big Red from Cape Fear joined right in.

10 burpees for the late Pud. Not sure why late…he was here at 0600 to ruck with 5 others…

For the record…Block Party was called about 10 times.

Finished out with circle Burps – 10.

Xenu mentioned that the white board should be erased and never show back up.


Naked Moleskin:

  • Hey! Big Pappi is on the road to recovery
  • Bowzer’s M – prayers.
  • Trinity – AO starting up.
  • We are all here for each others…reach out if you need to just talk, or seeking advice.

Why does it always seem to rain or be wet when I Q…or maybe, I only choose to Q when it rains or is wet…find out next time!


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