The bear went over the mountain to see what he could see

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5 HIM of Clay County posted at Bifrost for the VQ of YHC. The theme of the day was bears as my 2.0 was learning about bear safety last night in preparation for her summer camps with Girl Scouts.
Bifrost is an AO located at the base of the Doctors Inlet bridge, it is .5 miles from the parking area. So after a good warm up we got into our story.
Our sleepy bears woke up with 10 merkins followed by a 10 yard bear crawl to bring them out of hibernation. Then a run to the middle of the bridge where they performed 20 SSH as it helps a bear to see all that he can see. Down the other side of the bridge at a run till the last 10 yards where we bear crawled and then answered the age old question of “does a bear poop in the woods?” Still not sure but after 20 squats it was time to bear crawl and then run back over the mountain (bridge) to repeat the process (2 trips for our speedy ones and 1.5 for the Clydesdales of the group). Once complete we headed back the .5 miles to the cars for COT and pledge.
Like the 3 bears in the Goldilocks story, each of us is different in our likes, abilities and size yet as a group of HIMs we function like a family helping encourage and support each other as needed. We celebrate and embrace what makes us unique and the talents we bring to the group.
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