Welcome to the Pain Train!

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  • When: 02/25/2021
  • QIC: Crotchless
  • The PAX: Feud, Big Bird, Sasquatch, Roddy, Crotchless

Alright, so let me begin by saying I’m not the biggest fan of running.  It seems to find its way into almost every beatdown here at Asgard, and by golly, it wasn’t going to happen today.  It wasn’t going to happen because YHC was the Q, which means I get to CONTROL EVERYTHING!! Muahahahaha! That’s supposed to be an evil laugh.  Today’s beatdown was going to be all about getting back to the basics and doing nothing but good, old-fashioned strength training- F3 style with Cindy, of course.  YHC also had also conjured up a new exercise, which would be implemented towards the end of our beatdown. With all that out of the way, 5 PAX made it out in the gloom to endure Crotchless’s Pain Train (Many thanks to Sasquatch, Feud, Roddy, and Big Bird for allowing me to lead these fine men this morning!)


COP– SSH x 20 IC, Don Quixote x 10 IC, Reach through x 10 IC, Squat x 15 IC, LBAC forward and backward x 15 IC, Wonder bra x 15 IC.


The Thang– We stayed together as a group throughout the entire beatdown.  Remember, no running!  Dang, I sound like a lifeguard at a community pool yelling at some kids who want to get to the slides or diving boards as fast as they can.

RD. 1 

10 Manmakers, 10 pull ups, 10 deep squats (butt to heels), 10 shoulder front raises, and 10 block-over merkins

*Rifle Carry with Cindy 30 yards to lighted cones and performed 30 curls for the girls.  Tank top weather will be here soon enough.  #Suns Out, Guns Out

Rifle Carry back to base.


RD. 2

20 pull ups, 20 block lunges, 20 bodybuilders (or drag block merkins), 20 dips, 20 shoulder presses. (As a Q, I must say it is mildly satisfying to hear grunts of hard work from everyone- music to my ears!)

*Bicep carry block 30 yards to cones, do 30 curls for the girls. (get those veins poppin!!)  Bicep carry back to base


RD. 3

Wall sit with 30 overhead claps, 30 calf raises w/block, 30 heavy BBSU, 30 leg overs (block standing up on ground, swinging legs over it), 30 single arm rows (slightly bent over)

*backwards walk 30 yards to cone, 30 more curls!  Let me tell you, the PAX here killed it!! Backwards walk back to base


Now with time to spare, it was time to implement the Pain Train.  Here it goes:  All PAX line up almost shoulder to shoulder in high merkin position.  Least of the line lowers down to low merkin position but not resting on the ground. When he gets there, he stays in that lowered position as PAX 2 lowers down.  Now both 1 and 2 stay while 3 lowers down.  So on and so forth until the six lowers down.  When six is down, he yells out “Done!” that’s the cue for the leader to raise back up, then 2 raises up, and so on and so forth.  10 total reps were completed and it was GLORIOUS!!

After Pain Train was completed, we had time for 8 Minutes of Mary! YHC had the PAX do 50 LBCs, 50, flutter kicks, 50 BBSU (no block), and 25 reverse crunches


COT- Prayed for Sasquatch’s M on her first day returning to work, Big Bird for things to go more smoothly at work, Roddy and his upcoming CPA exam.

count-a-rama- 5 PAX

name-a-rama- Sasquatch, Feud, Roddy, Big Bird, and Crotchless


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