Block Party at Anthill! Fun for All!

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  • When: 03/21/2021
  • QIC: Xenu
  • The PAX: PUD, Pyro, Toxic, Pick 6, Zamboni, Bernie4Points, Boucher, Brexit, Big Papi, Gecko, Heisenberg, Shock Treatment,

What a wonderful, wet and gloomy morning at Anthill.   13 PAX gathered to celebrate faith, fellowship and fitness and the love for all things BLOCKS.

COP – SSHs followed by a few quick arm/shoulder exercises as YHC explains the THINGS.



10 Blockbees – Sprint down the field and back

20 Lunges – Counting one leg.  10 down the field, 10 back.  Sprint down the field and back

30 Overheads – Sprint down the field and back

40 Curls – Sprint down the field and back

50 Kettleblock Swings – Sprint down the field and back

60 Squats – Run the long lap around playground, bball court and field.  


THING 2 – Partner Up – Farmer Walk Deluxe

Him 1 carries 2 BLOCKS 50 yards down the field, does 5 SSHs and walks them back.

Him 2 BURPEES till the the partner returns.

Switch.  Rinse and Repeat changing the non-walker exercise to FLUTTER KICKS and then PLANKS.

After those 3 rounds.  Rinse and repeat the whole thing until time runs out.

All said and done, each PAX did a lot of Burpees and probably farmer walked 700 to 800 yards.


COT MESSAGE  –  Social Media and Texting lacks tone and context.  Interesting exercise is to talk to your loved ones and friends and ask them their preferred way to communicate.  You might be surprised at the answers.  Then work out a future communication plan.   Less arguments.  More understanding.   Life will become easier.


HELP OUT AT TRINITY!  If you have, Thank You.  If you have not, get your a$$ in gear.

Peace and Love from The Mothership.



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