ABomination and circuit training

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  • When: 03/13/2021
  • QIC: Crotchless
  • The PAX: Roddy, Woodshed, Crotchless

3 PAX made it out to Asgard on a nice, sunny Saturday morning. On the menu for the days beat down was some circuit training and an intense core workout.


SSH x 25, goofball x 20, Don Quixote x 10, reacher x 10, toy soldier x 10, squats x 10, LBAC forward/backward x 15, Moroccan nightclub x 15, big arm circles backward x 10, Michael Phelps x 10.  All done IC.


CIRCUIT TRAINING- 6 stations, 2 rounds.
1st round 30 seconds each (with Cindy)

Pull ups (sans Cindy)


Bent over rows

Goblet squats

man makers

block over Merkins

2nd round- one minute each (no Cindy)


Monkey humpers

squat jumps

mtn. climbers

no surrenders



80 yard field, cones at each end and one placed midfield

50 LBCs at start, run to midfield do 20 merkins and 20 squats, run to other end of field and do 50 LBCs.  On return back to starting cone, stop midfield and do 20 merks/20 squats

40 reverse crunches, 20 merks/20 squats at midfield, 40 reverse crunches at far end of field. Go back to start but stop midfield and do the merks/squats


20 heels to heaven

10 v ups



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